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Sony ODS-D77UA

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Optical Disc Archive External USB3.0 Drive

Sony’s newest addition to a growing lineup of Optical Disc Archive systems and solutions. A starter system ideal for the camera owner / operator or a small studio is Sony’s single-user solution, the stand-alone drive. Sony developed the ODS-D77U for the more demanding computing environments. This USB 3.0 drive plugs directly into compatible Microsoft Windows PC or Apple Macintosh computers. It’s the desktop solution that is ideal for long-term file protection and management, and an easy choice because each 12-disc cartridge functions as a single unified volume.

50 Year Rated Media – Write Once (WORM) & Rewritable
Virtually Data Migration Free System
Higher Performance Drive-designed for the most demanding computing environments
Up to 1.5TB Uncompressed Data in a Single Data Cartridge
Fast random file access with quad laser performance
USB 3.0 Interface
Open Platform Architecture-Universal Disk Format (UDF)
Supplied with Content Manager license
Backup acquisition media, generate metadata and Archive to Optical Disc Cartridge media for future Browse and Retrieve

High capacity optical media cartridge
Several types of high capacity optical cartridges are available to help consolidate your digital assets. Cartridges range from 300GB to 1.5 TB, Write-once and Rewritable. Refer to chart below (see Required Accessories)
for available cartridge models, types and recording time.

Easy to Use
Although there are 12 discs inside each cartridge, it is presented to a Windows PC or Apple Macintosh computer as a single large volume. Users can simply drag and drop files directly to the cartridge, just as if it was a
conventional USB external drive.

Open file format
Optical Disc Archive system handles files as computer data. No need to be concerned about different A/V clip formats. Store all file types including documents or graphic files in the same cartridge.

Archival rated media-easy to manage
Estimated data archival life rated for 50*1 years at 104degreesF and 85% humidity. Less restrictive environmental conditions required for media storage compared to tape based systems. Product roadmap for future generation Optical Disc Archive drives includes backward read compatibility. Highly efficient system-does not require frequent data migration.

Fast file access
Extremely fast random file access from the very first byte. Preview and parse through files contained within the same disc.

Backup, archive and retrieve source material
Allows users to backup and consolidate files stored on removable media or locally mounted storage to Optical Disc Archive cartridges for long term data preservation. Archive the full directory or a single file or automate the archive process using the Watch (scan) folder capability.

Search and Browse online/offline media
Allows users to identify registered files quickly and intelligently using the browse and search functions either on the workstation or across the network.

Metadata creation during Archive
Metadata*2 creation options include thumbnail, proxy, speech to text*3 and facial recognition to help identify and retrieve online/offline material for reuse. Accessible and customizable metadata fields allow users to add fields and catalog text for key word search capability. The Index mode allows pre-recorded (written) cartridges to be registered into CTM-2 database for future access.

Cache option
Cache option allows for quick release of the source media during archive.

DV/HDV Capture
Supports DV/HDV capture via i.LinkTM to protect and manage legacy assets.

Copy verification
MD5 checksum setting when enabled will verify the file integrity by calculating the hash or checksum created during the file archive process.

Self-describing media
Optical Disc Archive drive media adheres to the UDF (Universal Disc Format) to present the directory contents of the cartridge media. In addition to this, CTM-2 allows users to export and import the CTM-2 database to allow efficient metadata interchange between CTM-2 systems and cartridges. The result is that a user or administrator can have a view into the media that they can interact with, without having to wait for the entire disc cartridge to be scanned. A simple CTM-2 database import command allows cartridge media and metadata to be registered for efficient sharing of content between CTM-2 workstations.
Additional file format support
Added file formats include Sony IMX and Apple ProRes (only Mac OS X 10.8).
*1Estimated from Sony accelerated test based on ISO/TC42/SC N4296 Acceleration Test Method for Magneto- Optical Disc Media.
*2 Metadata (e.g. thumbnails, proxy, speech to text, facial recognition) is available for supported file formats.
*3 Speech To Text function supported only in windows OS.