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Sony MVS3000APAC

Call for price

Affordable HD/SD Multi-format Switcher with Advanced New Control Panel

Sony is proud to introduce the MVS-3000A, a new production switcher, into its mid-range switcher line up. This switcher inherits several characteristics and features from the well?established MVS Series, amassed from ten years of experience at the highest levels of the industry. Compact and well-designed, this new production switcher is ideally suited for production studios, stadiums, houses of worship, and OB vehicles requiring multiple inputs in a limited space. The MVS-3000A comes with sophisticated capabilities such as two mix effects (M/Es), four keyers per M/E, each with the MVS high-performance chromakey, 2.5D resizers, color correction and more. With the standard multi?viewer output, you save space on additional monitoring, enabling a reduction in your total system cost. The MVS-3000APAC includes the ICP-3000 twenty-four button control panel, which incorporates an attractive black design, OLED mnemonic displays for optimal visibility and, of course, the intuitive operability that Sony users love. The self-contained 4RU processor offers simple configuration, and is a logical choice for small production facilities that have limited installation space but refuse to compromise on quality. The MVS-3000A is the compact yet powerful switcher from Sony that will help you to meet and exceed all of your production requirements.

New custom-designed operational control surface
Two mix effects (M/E) busses with four keyers per M/E
Range of background transition effects
Color correction for each input and AUX output
Internal eight-channels frame memory
Optional internal format convertor (MKS-6550)
Optional Two Channel 3D DME (MKS-6570)
Two channel multi viewer
Extensive memory system for saving and recalling
Intuitive menu operation supporting standard VGA monitor/mouse and commercially available VGA touch panel monitors
Redundant power supplies for processor and control panel
Aux Mix Capability