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Sony MCX-500

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SKU: MCX-500

Multi-Camera Live Producer

The MCX-500 is an affordable, uniquely user-friendly and flexible production switcher that makesit simple for a single operator or small team to produce a broadcast quality live event. Multiplevideo inputs include professional 3G-SDI, HDMI, Composite Video plus dedicated DSK mean youcan mix and match kit as needed for each production.

Smart controls with configurable LCD TouchscreenIf you’re running the show on your own, you need controls that suitthe way you work – intuitive and yet somehow also fully featured. TheMCX-500 achieves this by carefully thought out physical controls thatyou will find easy to operate without looking away from the action fora second.

More advanced features can be tuned to your exact workflow requirementsand mapped to an LCD touch-screen control with easilyrecognisable ICON buttons. Trigger the sophisticated effects you’vepre-defined with a single touch on a user-defined ICON. It’s a robust,user-friendly system that’s easily extended to bring in additional teammembers as productions grow.

Multi-view monitoring

See all your sources simultaneously on one display. The switcher’smulti-view output makes it easy for you to see all your sources and outputs on a single screen. Monitoring on the multi-view is alwaysfour inputs.

Advanced titles and effects

The MCX-500 allows you easily to create advanced video effects suchas Chroma key, transitions and PinP (Picture in Picture).

Mix between 8 video sources + 1 Title (total 9 inputs)

The switcher is designed to expand your operations for full control ofa multi-camera shoot. There is no need to worry about swapping outinputs during a production – the MCX-500 features no less than 8 videoinputs (plus dedicated Title input) to easily accommodate any small-to-medium sized production. Inputs include professional 3G-SDI (x4),standard HDMI (x2) and even composite video (x2), allowing you toconnect a wide variety of cameras and other equipment.

Stream content live over the internet

The MCX-500 is ideal for live streamingevents and productions. The switcherallows you to live mix the output ofmultiple sources with direct streamingin real time using services such asUstream. Share scenes as theyhappen with high quality picture andsound, direct from the MCX-500 to arouter via Ethernet – no PC required.

PC, Mac & Tablet integrationThe MCX-500 is designed to allow you to control multi-camera shootsin the most flexible way possible.

Full HD supportMCX-500 is a global model allowing you to record a variety of HDstandards depending on your needs. You can record AVCHD Full HD1920x1080 60i/50i or 1440×1080 60i/50i.

Record direct to SD memory card

An internal memory card slot means all you need to record yourproduction is an SD card, affordable and widely available with no needfor an external recorder. As soon as the shoot wraps, you can providethe customer with a high quality AVCHD to archive, re-broadcastor even re-edit into a highlights package on any leading non-linearediting software.

Affordable tally system

Tally signals can be sent to the connected camcorders so you alwaysknow which camcorder is live on-air. A tally indicator will automaticallyappear on each camcorder’s LCD panel and Electronic View Finder – ared icon indicates when the shot is live (PGM) while green indicatespreview (NEXT).

Audio mixing of up to 5 channels including XLRSeamless integration with Sony’s camcorders

* Compatible camcorders only. Please refer to Specifications for more information.