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Sony HXR-MC2500

Call for price

Sony is pleased to introduce the HXR-MC2500 shoulder mount camcorder system that provides an affordable and powerful solution for event videographers requiring strong low-light performance, high picture quality, operational flexibility and reliability.
This newest addition to Sony’s HD range of memory camcorders is a cost-effective successor to the HXR-MC2000U model and offers several enhancements and new features including an improved Exmor R CMOS sensor, built-in LED light, OLED viewfinder, Wi-Fi functionality, DV memory recording and a Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe.
Workflow flexibility is enhanced by the ability to record directly onto a removable memory card or a 32GB internal flash memory storage system in High Definition or Standard Definition. With this combination of the internal flash memory and memory card allows recording functions such as Relay and Simultaneous. When Sony’s L-Series InfoLithium battery NP-F970 (optional) is used, the HXRMC2500 is capable of continuous long recording of up to 14 hours – perfect for those occasions where you don’t want to stop recording, such as weddings or business conferences.

Wide-angle G Lens
The HXR-MC2500 itself is optimized to perfectly complement the G Lens with an advanced image sensor and Sony’s famous image processing technology. This improves picture performance whether zooming in on the action, or getting a perspective on the big picture with a 26.8mm* lens offering the widest angles in this class of camera, which enables wide-angle shooting even in tight spaces.
*35mm equivalent

Highly-sensitive Exmor R CMOS sensor and built-in LED light
The HXR-MC2500 is capable of shooting clearly even in low-light or indoor environments. Its highly-sensitive Exmor R CMOS sensor adopts a back-illuminated technology that enables the image sensor to utilize incidental light more efficiently, helping the videographer to achieve rich image quality even during low-light shooting situations. Moreover, the HXR-MC2500 is also equipped with a convenient built-in LED light for valuable extra illumination when needed.

Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode
This feature ensures smooth movement while recording footage in many challenging shooting situations. In addition, Sony’s innovative 3-Way Shake-Cancelling technology adds electronic roll stability for even smoother video capture. This latest version of image stabilization technology realizes images that are up to 10x steadier for wide angle shooting than conventional Optical SteadyShot images. As the user zooms in, an intelligent digital image stabilizer starts to blend in and work together with its optical counterpart to effectively reduce camera shake. This technology also reduces shake in the rolling direction that commonly occurs when shooting while walking.

Manual Lens Ring with Assignable Parameters
Using the assignable lens ring, users can manually adjust key parameters like Focus, White Balance, Exposure, AE Shift, Iris priority and Shutter Speed priority. Users can control the G Lens iris to create an out-of-focus effect in the foreground or background. Shutter-speed can also be controlled to create special effects, such as the flowing motion of a waterfall or bird wings in flight etc.

Wi-Fi/NFC functions for seamless connection to smartphones
The HXR-MC2500 can connect to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets via a Wi-Fi connection, enabling monitoring and remote control functions such as start/stop recording, zoom control, iris control and touch auto focus. Furthermore, it is also NFC-capable (Near Field Communications) to allow easy, one-touch wireless connections to compatible mobile devices

Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) for flexible connection
The HXR-MC2500 is equipped with a Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) that has an electric interface in its mechanical attachment allowing the camcorder to communicate with an attached accessory. Accessories attached to the MI Shoe can be controlled by the camcorder. Using an MI Shoe connection with sold separate optional adapter SMAD-P3, the audio signal from a UWP-D series wireless microphone package can be input from the wireless microphone receiver to the HXR-MC2500 without an XLR cable. The power can be supplied from the HXR-MC2500 to the receiver and a battery is not required for the receiver operation. When the battery is attached to the LED video light HVL-LBPC, the light can be switched on and off from the camcorder which syncs with recording trigger.

Wide angle view, high contrast OLED viewfinder and 3.0-type wide LCD panel
The HXR-MC2500 is equipped with 0.39-type OLED Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder, offering a high resolution of approximately 1.44 million dots with high contrast levels. Sony’s proprietary viewfinder technologies allow for better tonal reproduction and more detailed picture information when shooting. In addition, there is also the built-in 3.0-type wide high resolution LCD panel (approximately 0.92 million dots) for crisp and bright views.

Low power consumption enables long recording duration
When Sony’s L-Series InfoLithium battery NP-F970 (optional) is used, the HXR-MC2500 is capable of continuous long recording of up to 14 hours. This is a critical feature for important occasions where operators may not have the luxury to stop the camera, such as during the filming of wedding ceremonies or other live events.

Ergonomic Handle & Controls
The ergonomically designed handle contains a convenient record button and zoom control, essential for low position shooting. There are also cold shoes on the front and rear of the handle, which allow for the attachment of two different types of accessories.

Ideal for long event shooting with 32GB internal flash memory and removable memory card
A 32GB internal flash memory enables longer duration recording of more than 150 minutes. In addition, by using a combination of the internal flash memory and memory card in the MS/SD slot, recording functions such as Relay and Simultaneous for backup can be available. Simultaneous mode permits simultaneous recording to both internal flash memory and removable memory card, while relay mode automatically switches recording from the removable memory card to the internal flash memory when the removable memory card is full. The user can set up the two Start/Stop buttons on the HXR-MC2500, one on the grip and one on the top of camcorder body, to independently start and stop recording on different flash memory while recording in simultaneous mode.

AVCHD Ideal for Memory Recording
AVCHD is a highly efficient data compression format which greatly reduces memory requirements, maximizing the benefits of file-based recording with high image quality in a small file size. This is made possible by the exceptionally efficient MPEG4 AVC/H.264 codec at 50/60p@28mbps. Numerous major NLE software programs feature AVCHD input and editing. The HXR-MC2500’s Standard Definition recording format is in DV memory format

Additional professional features
A BNC Composite output terminal enables use of BNC cables for a professional secure connection, which prevents cable disconnect during critical shooting occasions such as live recording.
Time Code and User Bit recording features are integrated for situations like multi-camera shoots.