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Sony HXC-P70H

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Compact Point-of-View (POV) HD multi-purpose camera

Sony is pleased to introduce the HXC-P70H compact Point-of-View (POV) HD multi-purpose camera. The HXC-P70H is a companion camera to and integrates seamlessly with the HXC-D70 camera system. The HDC-P70 follows the form and functionality of the high-end HDC-P1 POV camera and is equipped with three high sensitivity 2/3-inch Exmore CMOS sensors. As a standalone or systemized studio camera, the HDC-P70 offers very high quality full HD 1080i or 720p pictures. The HXC-P70H is a true companion camera; the same precise adjustments found on the HXC-D70 series are available utilizing the same remote control panels (RCP) developed for Sony’s studio cameras.
The most unique feature of the HXC-P70H is the direct integration of a fiber connection on the camera body and subsequent connection to the HXCU-FB70 camera control unit. You can use either a hybrid-type fiber cable (CCFN type) or single-mode fiber cable, depending on the system configuration. The compact and lightweight HXC-P70H is an ideal POV camera for a wide range of applications that require full HD-quality images to be captured at angles or locations difficult for traditional HD cameras. Weighing only 1.5kg, the HXC-P70H is easy to install in production environments such as on a crane, helicopter, pan/tilt or in underwater housing.
With cutting-edge performance, operability, and system flexibility, the HXC-P70H is a cost-effective, high-performance multi-purpose camera that can be utilized in a wide range of applications.

2/3′ 2.2million, 3 CMOS HD Imagers, ‘Exmor’Imager
High Sensitivity and Low Noise
Variety of format selections are available
HD: 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/29.97PsF, 1080/25PsF, 720/59.94p, 720/50p
SD: 480/59.94i, 576/50i
Note : 24.00p and 23.98p are not available.
Slow Shutter with 64 Frame Accumulation
Selectable 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,16,32,and 64
Available only with HD 1080 format
Gain Control (-)3 db to (+)48dB
Note: Utilizing the slow shutter function, up to 64 frames frame accumulation is possible. In combination with the +48 db gain-up function, very bright picture are available even in very dark enviroments. These unique features allow the HXC-P70H can be used in wider roles such as surveillance, conferencing, house of worship, security and other unmanned applications.
Total Level Control System (TLCS)
Total level control system (TLAC) finction provides automatic control of gain/iris/shutter, and is highly effective tool to cope with changing lighting conditions
Expandable operability with the HXCU-FB70
Can be directly connected to the HXCU-FB70
Up to 500m by the Sony CCFN hybrid type optical fiber cable including power supply from CCU.
Up to 10km by single-mode fiber cable (with local power supply) or use HXCE-FB70
Integrated Motorized ND Filter and Electrical CC Filter
Controllable from the front panel of HXCU-FB70, RCP1000 series panel or RM-B170
HXCU-FB70 firmware updtate is required
5600K filter
2x/4x Digital Extender
The digital extender function expands the size of the image by a factor of two or four in the center of the image sensor’s captured image. The functiuon works without decrease in sensitivity.
Low Power Consumption, 17W

Optional Accessories
HXCU-FB70: Optical Fiber Camera Control Unit
HXCE-FB70: External Cable extension Power Supply and cable conversion unit
HDVF-L750: Viewfinder
HZC-RCP5: Camera Control Software
RCP-1000: Series remote control panels
RM-B170: Remote control
CCFB: Single Mode Fiber Cable
CCFN-100: 100m length Optical Fiber Cable
CCFN-50: 50m Optical Fiber Cable
CCFN-25: 25m Optical Fiber Cable
CCFN-JC1: Coupler for Cascade Connection
CCF10M: 10m length Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable
CCF30M: 30m length Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable
CCF50M: 50m length Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable
CCF100M: 100m length Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable
CCF200M: 200m length Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable
CCF500M: 500m length Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable