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Sony HDCU-3170

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SKU: HDCU-3170

IP capable Triax Camera Control Unit

The HDCU-3170 Triax Camera Control Unit is an ideal companion for the Sony HDC-3170 system camera. It also adds IP live production capabilities to our full range of broadcast and studio system cameras.

While it’s intended primarily for triax operation, adding the HKCU-FB30 fiber option board makes the HDCU-3170 compatible with both triax and fiber systems – a benefit for production companies and OB trucks working in stadiums and venues with different transmission systems.

Connecting to compatible cameras via triax cable, the compact (1.5U) HDCU-3170 supplies power to the camera, performs signal processing and provides an interface with external equipment.

With the addition of option boards and kits, the HDCU-3170 offers support for various interfaces including 3G SDI and IP. The CCU can provide simultaneous outputs of HD, HDR and SDR when used with HDC-3500 series system cameras.

Combined with the HKCU-SFP30 option board, designed for the SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media Over Managed IP Network suite of standards, the HDCU-3170 CCU supports essential functionalities required for live IP production including tally, intercom and return.


Compact and versatile

The compact 1.5U Camera Control Unit creates a standardized 19-inch rack system that is ideal for space-limited production areas.

IP functionality for live production

The optional HKCU-SFP30 interface kit adds essential functionality required for IP live production including ST2110 output and return and NMOS IS-04/05 as well as tally, intercom and return over IP.

Eight built-in SDI outputs

The HDCU-3170 is equipped with eight built-in SDI outputs, including four 3G-SDI outputs. For extra production flexibility.

High-quality long-distance signal transmission

Adding the optional HKCU-SFP30 supports long-distance signal transmission up to 10 km over single mode fiber, making the CCU ideal for space-limited environments such as OB vehicles.