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Sony F780/9X

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SKU: F780/9X

Dynamic Handheld Microphone

A perfect choice for critical live vocals or where high-quality, rugged reliability, and resistance to feedback are required. Sony Pro Audio’s F-780/9X Hyper-Cardioid Handheld, Dynamic Vocal Microphone is an enhanced version of its top-of-the-line model F-780 dynamic vocal microphone. Improved sonic and mechanical characteristics make this mic a must have for professionals in the music and recording business.

Rugged capsules in a resilient body structure
High quality edgewise winding

New, Improved capsule design
For enhanced audio performance; designed specifically for critical vocal reproduction live performance and recording.

Rigid structure
Allows easy capsule movement for higher sensitivity and lower mechanical noise.

Urethane coating
For extremely low handling noise.

Tighter unidirectional polar pattern
For improved feedback rejection.

Standard Accessories
Microphone holder (PF 1/2) (x1)
stand adaptor (PF 1/2 to NS 5/8, PF 1/2 to W 3/8) (x1 each)
Operating instructions