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DWZ Series Digital Wireless Headset & Lavalier Set

This DWZ Series 2.4 GHz digital wireless headset & lavalier set provides the convenience of untethered body pack transmitter use with a wired level of audio performance. The package includes a ZTX-B02RC body pack transmitter, including both cardioid condenser headset (ECM-HZ1UBMP) headset and cardioid condenser (ECM-LZ1UBMP) lavaier microphones along with a ZRX-HR70 half rack size receiver. Supplied accessories include windscreens (2), tie clip (1), body pack belt clip (1), antennas (2) and AC adapter. The receiver includes 3 audio outputs (1 x balanced XLR and 2 x unbalanced 1/4′ phone). The receivers menu system provides access to clear channel scan or manual channel selection and a digital 5-band graphic EQ. The receivers LCD includes numeric indication of transmitter battery remaining time, diversity reception RF levels, audio level metering, EQ on/off status and display of selected channnel. Addtional features include AES 128 bit encryption, intelligent feedback reducer and transmitter support for contactless rechargeable function (optional BC-DWZ1 battery charger required) using NiMH AA batteries.

Ideal for presentation use
DWZ Series wireless provides 24 bit Linear PCM digital audio
Package includes a ZTX-B02RC bodypack transmitter and ZRX-HR70 half rack size receiver
Supplied with Cardiod Condenser ECM-LZ1UBMP Lavalier Mic and Cardiod Condenser ECM-HZ1UBMP Headset Mic
Receiver includes a color LCD display with easy access to clear channel scanning or manual channel selection and a digital 5-band graphiic EQ
Transmitter support for contactless rechargeable function (optional BC-DWZ1 battery charger required) using NiMH AA batteries
AES 128 bit encryption function
Intelligent feedback reducer function

Superb Digital Sound Quality
High-quality 24-bit linear PCM digital transmission offers a pristine audio experience, and a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. The audio performance degradation that’s typical of conventional analog wireless systems can be avoided, because DWZ is designed without the need for audio companding.

Stable Transmission
Interuptions in reception (signal drop-out) can be a problem with wireless microphone transmission systems. With the DWZ series; however, this can be reduced to a minimum. Utilizing a space diversity reception system, the DWZ series achieves stable transmission by using dual-antenna inputs/reception circuits. These receive signal over two different paths and automatically select the stronger RF signal for output.

Flexible Audio Outputs
Each DWZ series system receiver includes an XLR balanced output and two 1/4′ unbalanced outputs that can be used to output audio to three destinations simultaneously.

Highly Secure Transmission
128-bit standard encryption technology is included to secure transmitted signals and avoid being intercepted by others. By using the encryption feature, users can reduce the worry that confidential information could be intercepted.

Intellegent Feedback Reducer
The Sony intelligent feedback reducer can suppress unwanted feedback (howling) with high-performance DSP and Sony’s unique algorithms designed to eliminate feedback before it becomes unbearable. Up to 1024-band suppression filters are continuously tuned automatically in real time, eliminating feedback and avoiding deteriorating the original signal. You can also freely select the audio outputs to wihiich you want this feedback reduction filter to apply – for example, you can output original audio to the main PA system, while processed audio is delivered to your monitor speakers.

Battery Recharging System
All DWZ systems can operate using conventional AA size Alkaline batteries. This system also supports use with NiMH AA size rechargable batteries along with use of the (optional) BC-DWZ1 battery charger. The BC-DWZ1 is a contactless recharger, this means you simply place the transmitter into the charging station to recharge NiMH-type batteries. You do not need to physically remove the batteries to recharge them, which saves you time and reduces wear and tear to the transmitters.

Standard Accessories
Transmitter Belt Clip
Windscreens (2)
Tie Clip
Antennas (2)
Cardioid condenser headset microphone
Caridiod condenser lavalier microphone
AC Adapter