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Sony DWRS02D

Call for price

DWRS02D/14: UHF-TV channels 14-25 (470 – 542 MHz)
DWRS02D/30: UHF-TV channels 30-36 (566-608 MHz) and 38-41 (614-638 MHz)
DWRS02D/42: UHF-TV channels 42-51 ( 638-698 MHz)

The DWR-S02D is a digital dual channel slot-in receiver. The /42 model operates within a 60 MHz range, from 638-698 MHz. The slot-in receiver can be mounted directly into Sony digital slot-in compatible camcorders, providing 2ch wireless operation with unique wireless remote control of the digital wireless system from the camera viewfinder. The DWR-S02D can also be mounted on existing cameras (or operated in a mixer bag) using the DWA-01D or DWA-F01D adapters, providing either AES3 digital audio or analog audio output. To assist in wireless system set-up, the receiver includes both clear channel and active channel scan functions

Mounts directly in HDW-650F, PDW-700, PDW-F800, PWM-500, PMW-350, PMW-320 and PMW-TD300 camcorder slots
Supports 2ch AES3 or analog output
Includes clear channel and active channel scanning modes
Innovative wireless remote control of the transmitter from the receiver (using 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 communication technology)