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Sony CATX70

Call for price

The CATX70 is the triax camera adaptor that can directly be attached to the HXC-D70 HD multi-transmission studio camera and the PMW320/350/500 XDCAM camcorder.

Over the years, Sony’s standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) production cameras have been widely accepted by a great number of video professionals around the world due to their excellent picture performance and system versatility. Sony introduced the HXC-D70 Multi-Core camera system in the year of 2011 as cost effective solutions and also migration of the DXC camera system to HD. HXC-D70 camera system is also well accepted by great number of video professional around the world. Sony is now proud to introduce an ideal solution for those who require longer cable operation in their production facilities. The new triax system will work not only with the HXC-D70 camera system, but also with the PMW-320/350/500 camcorders.

Provides triax transmission solution for HXC-D70 HD studio camera and PMW-320/350/500 XDCAM camcorder
Long distance transmission