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Sony CAFB70

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Enables connection via fiber to HXCU-FB70 Camera Control Unit

The CA-FB70 optical fiber adaptor for the HXC-D70 studio camera and PMW-320/350/500 camcorders, allows connection via fiber to the HXCU-FB70 Camera Control Unit (CCU).With the CCU, it is possible to control the HXC-D70 and PMW-320/350/500 up to a maximum distance of 250 meters, including the power and signals of Tally, Intercom, Video Return and also Prompter.

Optical fiber connection
The CA-FB70 helps ensure the best picture quality and easy integration using optical fiber connection for distances up to 250m with power supply or up to 10km with single mode fiber and local power supply.

Connection for all signals
The CA-FB70 provides flexible integration and the possibility to extend the operation with all signals (Tally, Intercom, Video Return and Prompter) in full HD.

Operates with HXCU-FB70 and HXCE-FB70 for greater flexibility
The CA-FB70 works seamlessly with the HXCU-FB70 optical fiber CCU and HXCE-FB70 power extension unit when power supply is required for the CA-FB70 attached to theHXC-D70 camera or PMW-320/350/500camcorders, or when the long distance signal transmission is required between the CA-FB70 and HXCU-FB70.

Optional Cables
CCFN-100 100m length Optical Fiber Cable
CCFN-50 50m length Optical Fiber Cable
CCFN-25 25m length Optical Fiber Cable