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Shure SCM410

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4-Channel Automatic Mixer

Automatic mixing is a tremendous problem-solving tool allowing sound system installers to eliminate common problems such as insufficient gain before feedback and muddy speech quality. Shure is the industry leader in automatic mixing with our unique IntelliMix technology. IntelliMix automatically gates microphones on and off to optimize sound quality in conference facilities, houses of worship, governmental institutions, schools, etc. The Shure SCM410 Automatic Mixer puts all the seamless performance of the 8-channel SCM810 – the recognized standard in automatic mixing – into a half-rack space.

SCM410 Key Benefits:

Increases the clarity and intelligibility of speech
Dramatically reduces feedback, reverberation, and comb filtering
Automates several rigorous operator functions
Minimizes set up time – plug and play
Frees up channels on the mixing console
The SCM410 can be used as a turnkey mixing solution in a variety of speech applications:

Fixed Audio Installations – houses of worship, schools, conference facilities, legislature, hotels
Portable Applications – rentals, A/V carts, portable audio racks
Interfaces with Crestron control systems

IntelliMix- the most advanced and effective automatic mixing algorithm available, incorporating:

Noise Adaptive Threshold
Last Mic Lock-On
NOMA (Number of Open Mics Attenuated) – automatic gain adjustment as additional microphones are activated
Inputs and Outputs – 4 balanced mic level XLR inputs, 1 balanced mic/line switchable XLR output, and 1 unbalanced RCA auxiliary output