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Shure MX395

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SKU: MX395

Microflex Low Profile Boundary Microphone

Discreet boundary mic that delivers exceptional sound quality in multiple colors and coverage patterns.

The Microflex Low Profile Boundary microphone is an ideal table microphone when minimal presence is of high priority. Perfect for meeting rooms, these microphones deliver exceptional sound pickup while barely being noticed. Choose from a selection of colors and pickup patterns for customized table installations.

Cartridge polar pattern indicated by model number suffix

(C = Cardioid, BI = Bidirectional, O= Omnidirectional):


Only 1.25 inch (3.8 cm) in diameter

Cardioid, omni and bidirectional polar patterns

Wide dynamic range and smooth frequency response

Available in black, white and aluminum

Bi-color status indicator available with -LED models

Logic input for remote LED control

CommShield Technology

Available Options

MX395B/C: Black condenser, cardioid, 3-pin XLR

MX395AL/C: Brushed aluminum condenser, cardioid, 3-pin XLR

MX395B/C-LED: Black condenser, cardioid, controllable LED, 5-pin XLR, female connector included

MX395B/O: Black condenser, omnidirectional, 3-pin XLR

MX395B/O-LED: Black condenser, omnidirectional, remoteable LED, 5-pin XLR, female connector included

MX395AL/O: Brushed aluminum condenser, omnidirectional, 3-pin XLR

MX395W/O: White condenser, 3-pin XLR

MX395B/BI: Black condenser, bidirectional, 3-pin XLR

MX395AL/BI: Brushed aluminum condenser, bidirectional, 3-pin XLR

MX395B/BI-LED: Black condenser, bidirectional, controllable LED, 5-pin XLR, female connector included