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Shure KSM44A

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Multi-Pattern Dual Diaphragm Microphone

Premium microphone with three polar pattern options (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional).

The KSM44A is a premium, large-diaphragm, side-address condenser microphone with multiple polar pattern options (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional). The refined and sophisticated design of the KSM44A features an externally biased, dual 1-inch diaphragms, extensive internal pop filtering and Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology for a ground-breaking threshold minimum of self-noise. The KSM44A is the premier choice for the highest level of professional studio and stage performance.

A milestone achievement in sound reinforcement, Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology employs transparent internal circuitry architectures that enable unprecedented audio quality and performance.


Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology: Class A, discrete, transformerless preamplifier provides transparency, extremely fast transient response and no crossover distortion. Minimizes harmonic and intermodulation distortions.

Groundbreaking specifications: 4dB of self-noise and max SPL of 131 dB for a total dynamic range of 127 dB – an increase of 7 dB that defines the new standard for cleanly nuanced audio capture

Multiple polar patterns-cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional-for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of recording applications

Dual 1 inch, externally biased, ultra-thin, 2.5 ?m, 24 Karat gold-layered, low mass diaphragms provide superior frequency response

Premium electronic components and gold-plated internal and external connectors

Subsonic filter eliminates rumble from mechanical vibration below 17 Hz.

Switchable 15 dB pad for handling extremely high sound pressure levels (SPLs)

3-position switchable low-frequency filter helps reduce unwanted stand vibration noise or counteract proximity effect

Integrated three-stage pop protection grille reduces plosives and other breath noise