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Sescom IL-19

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SKU: IL-19

Inline Pro Audio Hum Eliminator THE INDUSTRY STANDARD

The Only Product that Removes All Types of Hum in Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear!

The Industry Standard – Designed as 3 products in-one, the Sescom IL-19 is the solution for instantly troubleshooting audio hum and noise problems in live sound & broadcast applications providing quick fix line isolation to stop noise at the source. Removes ground loop hum, mode noise & differentially induced hum without the need for multiple transformers, ground lifters or phase inverters. Other in-line problem solvers solve only one problem at a time.

The IL-19 is the only Bi-Directional device designed to plug directly into your equipment’s inputs OR outputs!

Sescom transformers are specifically engineered for flatter and broader frequency response allowing a hotter signal throughput without saturation.

In-line XLR Male to XLR Female Matching Transformer built into a high impact ABS thermoplastic housing.

Provides Instant Relief For:
Live Sound Equipment
Radio & Broadcast Audio
Line Level Equipment Interface
Decoupling Lines to Reduce Hum
Isolating Drive Lines to On-Stage Power Amps
Long Line Cable Runs