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Sennheiser MKH 8060

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The MKH 8060 offers true and natural sound in a lightweight, rugged package. Reliable under the toughest climatic conditions, the MKH 8060’s symmetrical RF transducer design produces high sensitivity, low distortion, excellent transient response. Newly designed short interference tube yields a pleasing supercardioid / lobar pickup pattern, suppressing off-axis sound without coloration to create extremely natural and detailed results. Ideal for boom or camera mounting due to its compact design, the MKH 8060 is Sennheiser’s first short shotgun to interface directly into digital systems via the MZD 8000 digital module.

Redesigned interference tube suppresses off-axis sounds without coloration, resulting in a pleasing, natural sound.
Symmetrical RF condenser design yields superior immunity to moisture, incredible transient detail and low distortion.
Modular design allows addition of a filter (MZF8000) or digital output module (MZD8000).
Comparable directivity to the industry standard MKH 416 in a compact, lightweight format.

Standard Accessories
MKH 8060 short shotgun microphone body
MZX 8000 analog output module (XLR)
MZQ 8060 microphone clip
MZW 8060 foam windshield
Frequency response sheet
Threaded transport tube
Instruction manual

Optional Accessories
MZD 8000 – Digital output module (AES42)
MZF 8000 – In-line filter module with selectable low cut and pad.
MZH 60-1 – long hair windscreen for use with MZW60-1
MZS 20-1 – combination shockmount pistol grip and stand, pole adapter for MKH and K6 series, required for blimp
MZW 60-1 – blimp windscreen for MKH60, ME66, requires MZS20-1 shock mount.