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Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO

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The LSP 500 PRO System

Expanded Options.LSP 500 PRO a real game changer for public address. This system will liberate you. From hassle and hardwired cable. Up to 3 wireless microphone links, bluetooth music streaming, built in USB player/recorder guarantee optimum audio connectivity. Its dual batteries are hot-swappable even during live operation. LSP 500 PRO is stackable from 2 to 20 speakers to fit from small to large venues. Save time. Save money. Go PRO.

Seamless integration. Maximum Effect.Whether rental, corporate-use or conference hotel: Due to its flexibility and sophistication LSP 500 PRO fits a wide variety of applications. The system seamlessly integrates with different Sennheiser components, e.g. ew 500 microphones and receivers, providing state-of-the-art features like automatic frequency management and wireless synchronization. Connect all options setup and operation will be a breeze. From intro to outro…

The LSP 500 PRO System
Expanded Options.

Drop Cable.
Whether big ballroom event or small sales show LSP 500 PRO is set up in a snap by 1 person alone. No cords, no kludges, no compromise.

Powerful & Pad-controlled.
Manage every single facet of the jam on the swipe of a finger. Control status, sound and input sources in real time via iPad.

Save Time & Money.
Need 2 or 20 speakers? LSP 500 PRO is your scalable future proof PA system that fits any situation. Hassle-Free. Easily

Audio Connectivity.
All In.Premium Performanceand the pursuit of perfect sound: up to 3 wireless microphone links, music streaming via Bluetooth, Built in music player/recorder for USB devices.
Corresponding Terminals

Roadworthy and Reliable.Authentic LSP 500 PRO Accessories from Sennheiser. These official add-ons are tailor made and offer extra protection, enhanced portability or a totally a different look. Protect your investment or style it to fit your needs.

Stretch cover
You need a PA that blends perfectly and discreetly with your surroundings? Put on some fresh white for a cleaner appearance. Simply equip your LSP 500 PRO with these acoustically translucent, lightweight stretch covers to achieve an unobtrusive, bright white look.

Rugged cover
The official protective cover for the LSP 500 Pro. Protect your investment from wear and tear. A rugged, heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover made from lightweight ballistic nylon material that fits like a glove. For outdoor operation and a secure transport. Padded for added protection.

Tour Trolley
A heavy-duty trolley bag for superior protection and convenient handling. This sturdy, yet soft and thick padded transport trolley keeps your LSP 500 PRO safe when on the go. A reinforced retractable extension handle makes the system extremely portable. Comes in a neutral black design with large extra pockets on the outsides and contrasting white Sennheiser Logo.

The LSP 500 PRO App
App-solutely everything under controlA dramatic upgrade in PA control: LSP 500 PRO’s essential features are accessible via iPad. Control single speakers, groups or the whole system at once. Fine-tune individual settings and check the status e.g. of the hot-swappable batteries. Using the App, you’ll have everything under remote control, easily manageable on the swipe of a finger.

Suggested Option is the Evolution 300 Series

Ideal For
Rental Houses
A/V Professionals
System Integrators

Ordering Information
LSP 500 PRO: Self Powered Portable Loudspeaker
LAP 500:Protective Cover for LSP 500 PRO
LAS 500: Slip Cover for LSP 500 PRO
LAB 500: Trolley Bag for LSP 500 PRO
LBA 500: Replacement Battery for LSP 500 PRO