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Qomo QD3900

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SKU: QD3900

HDMI Document Camera

HDMI Input & Output
With most current laptops connecting through only HDMI, it’s becoming more and more necessary to have HDMI output and input.
Because the QD3900 includes both HDMI input and output, you can connect your laptop, a DVD player, and other HDMI devices into your QD3900, and even use the document camera as a ‘pass-through’ switcher, saving you money from buying a second device.
Retrofit your classroom, lab or business with the QD3900 – with a wide variety of connection options (HDMI, VGA, RS232,, it can take the place of any model or brand of document camera.
Advanced Features
The QD3900 also boasts a 120x total zoom, HD 1080p resolution and an RS232 connection, making this camera great for integrators. This media center document camera also has an A4 backlit stage, perfectly fitting a text book or paper document, 128 internal image storage and included Image/Video Capture software

Inputs & Outputs: HDMI, VGA, RS232, C-Video
HD 1080p Resolution
12x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom
A4 Backlit Stage
128 Image Storage
Image/Video Capture Software
Compatible with GradeCam