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ProMAX Cache-A Pro Cache

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LTO Archive Appliances for Digital Media Professionals

Cache-A Archive Appliance Products

Available Models

Pro-Cache models are targeted for mid sized production capacities and can easily handle archiving 2 or 3 TB per day of content

Pro-Cache is our most popular archive appliance solution, fitting into a wide array of physical and workflow environments

Pro-Cache provides the features demanded by media industry professionals, and is available in LTO-5 and LTO-6 models. These systems come with one LTO drive internal and can be expanded with a second drive (see below). Plenty of high performance disk space allows you to organize your content, stage items for archiving, even use the Cache-A share for general NAS applications. A SAS port on the back of every unit allows for an automated library or second tape drive expansion.

Housed in a sturdy 3 RU half rack housing, these models feature an internal RAID configured as striped for maximum speed (RAID0) or configured for 100% protection with mirrored reliability (RAID1). With its additional ExpressCard and eSATA connections, this unit is ideal for fast archiving of direct connected storage from external hard disks to the new digital camera media.

New for Fall 2013, Pro-Cache6 is available with 10GbEthernet connectivity for the fastest network transfers we’ve ever offered in the Pro-Cache product line. Designated the Pro-Cache610 model, this speedy version swaps the standard ExpressCard slot for a 10GbEthernet NIC (Network Interface Card) providing dual 10GbE RJ-45 connections. Perfect for the emerging affordable 10GbE network infrastructure switches and routers, this model breaks through the old one Gb network speed limits, allowing transfers at or near tape speed.

Sidecar, Rack Expansion, and Library Options
All Pro-Cache models can operate simultaneously with a second externally attached LTO tape drive. Pro-Cache systems with a second tape drive can do the full range of dual drive functions including running our Simul-Copy read-once write-dual function for maximum speed in writing two tapes at once. These systems can also make tape to tape dubs and can even run two completely independent archive and/or restore jobs at the same time.

Cache-A offers a variety of options for expanding into a second drive. Secondary tape drive expansion is available via Sidecar, Expansion Chassis or Library.

The Sidecar option is a stand-alone drive in a 2RU height by half-rack width housing, suitable for setting on top of a Pro-Cache or next to it on a rack shelf.

Cache-A’s Expansion Chassis is a 1 RU full-rack chassis. These units come with either LTO-5 or LTO-6 drives and are powered from internal auto-ranging power supplies.

The third option for Pro-Cache external expansion is via our fully automated libraries – click here to read about our libraries. A single optional SAS cable connects any of these external or library systems to the Pro-Cache base unit.? You can even add an LTO-6 external drive or Library to a Pro-Cache5 system, giving older units Pro-Cache6 capabilities.

Pro-Cache Rack Kit
Pro-Cache Rack kits allow rack mounting of one unit on the right or left side or two units side by side.