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ProMAX Cache-A Prime Cache

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LTO Archive Appliances for Digital Media Professionals

Available Models
Prime-Cache5: 1.5 TB LTO-5
Prime-Cache6: 2.5TB LTO-6

Prime-Cache models are targeted at smaller production needs and where at most 1 or 2 TB per day of archiving capacity will suffice

Prime-Cache is our quietest archive appliance and fits well into environments where desktop archiving capabilities are needed or where quiet operations would be advantageous

Prime-Cache archive appliances are available in an LTO-5 version with a 2 x 1 TB RAID for 2TB total internal disk storage and in an LTO-6 version with a 2 x 2 TB RAID for 4TB total internal disk storage. Prime-Cache models also feature a direct connection to most kinds of mass storage over our USB 3.0 interface, which is 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 standard.

The Prime-Cache product line embodies Cache-A’s philosophy of simplicity and ease, with its small footprint and compact enclosure as well as its low noise, efficient cooling system. Both Prime-Cache5 and 6 have been engineered with production needs in mind. They are housed in rugged reinforced chassis and utilize an all-aluminum machined front panel. Prime-Cache models are our entry level systems, yet they are surprisingly fast with their dual drive RAID0 internal disk system, USB 3.0 interface and high speed internal processor.

Quiet Desk-top Performance
Built-in 2 or 3TB RAID disk cache for fast exible workows
Direct attach -eld acquistion or disk drives with fast USB 3.0

Archiving Made Easy

Built-in searchable database of all of your tapes
Prime-Cache remembers every single Cache-A tape it has ever seen
Prime-Cache shares its catalog database with all other Cache-A systems on the network
Associate user metadata with any le, folder or tape

Automated archiving capability built-in
Schedule events to archive any network shared volumes at any time
One-time, daily, weekly or

Span archives across multiple cartridges
Treat a group of tapes as a single entity with a single directory of all content

Setting the Standard for LTO compatibility
Cache-A tar format assures tape compatibility with the universe of existing LTO installations
LTFS format assures compatibility with LTO solutions into the future
User selectable choice of format per LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape
Works with LTO-4 tapes too (tar only – in LTO-6 drives: read-only)

Direct archive access from any platform
Simultaneous multi-user access
Volume sharing and FTP built-in
Windows / MacOS / Unix
Web page control over all operations
FTP, Samba, NFS, AFP, Bonjour
USB 3.0 super fast direct attached storage capability

Directory on each tape
Media is portable, shelf-storable, interchangeable
Directly accessible with no special soware
Self contained, self-describing LTO media

Easy to deploy and use
Plug and play integration into Gb Ethernet networks
Integrates seamlessly into le based workows
A single tape drive can serve everyone on the network
Allows users to treat LTO tape like a NAS

A true self-contained appliance
Complete solution in a single chassis
No soware is necessary on any client on any OS
Built-in support connect lets us provide remote service