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Panasonic SHAN-PX270

Call for price

ThermoDyne hard case for AJ-PX270

Panasonic is pleased to announce the SHANPX270, a hard shell camera case specifically designed to house the AJ-PX270, spare batteries, P2 cards, battery charger and camera PSU.

The use of shock absorbing foam protects the PX270 from the hits, drops and bumps all found in a typical day in the field. The hard case is tough, splash-proof and has an extendable handle and embedded wheels to permit easy handling (without the need to pick it up), great for airports and travelling. The case is also ideally suited for shipping to jobs; the tough thermoplastic case is sealed against humidity and dust, and easily withstands air shipping.

The SHANPX270 carefully cradles the camera and accessories in foam, greatly enhancing the camera’s safety during travel or shipping. The SHANPX270 has secure metal flanges which with a sturdy padlock help prevent theft and tampering, simply use a padlock of your choice.

The SHANPX270, a very cost effective way of adding security and safety to the PX270 camera and accessories.