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Panasonic AW-UE70

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4K and HD Output, Streaming and Recording

Available Models
AW-UE70KPJ: New 4K/HD PTZ Camera with one MOS Sensor, HDMI & 3G-SDI outputs (Black)
AW-UE70WPJ: New 4K/HD PTZ Camera with one MOS Sensor, HDMI output (White)

Purchase an AW-UE70 Series AW-UE70KPJ,AW-UE70WPJ,AW-UN70KPJ,AW-UN70WPJ and Receive a $300 Rebate Expires December 31, 2019

The professional video industry’s first integrated 4K PTZ camera, the AW-UE70 is your key to best-in-class pan/tilt/zoom 4K IP streaming and in-camera 4K recording. It delivers 3840 x 2160 resolution images at 29.97p/25p via HDMI, and is capable of doing it via IP streaming or in-camera.

Featuring key production orientated features such as genlock, Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) and remote switchable ND filters. The camera’s flexible 4k/HD capabilities make it a good choice for demanding installations in stadiums, conference rooms, lobbies, auditoriums and retail, where ultra-high resolution video and the best in precise control are required.

The UE70, with 3G-SDI as well as HDMI video outputs, incorporates a 1/2.3′-type MOS sensor and advanced processing. The camera boasts direct-from-camera audio/video streaming up to 2160/30p. The camera’s IP streaming – in combination with the UE70’s standard IP-control, built-in audio input and PoE+ (power over LAN cable) capabilities – enables innovative single-cable’ remote production applications. Additionally, the UE70 functions as a USB webcam for videoconferencing and collaboration-with a 20X zoom lens, preset functions, wide field of view (65.1 degrees) as well as simultaneous IP and USB streaming an control.

The UE70 offers in-camera video and audio recording to a microSD card at 2160/29.7p or 1080/59.94p, which can be utilized for event capture or back-up. Recorded files can be delivered via networking, simplifying workflow and reducing peak network load. Because it is USB-Video enabled, the UE70 also presents a premium choice for PC-based videoconferencing and collaboration. It also features stereo MIC/LINE-level switchable audio input for embedding. Embedded audio may be used in conjunction with HDMI, 3G-SDI, streaming and recording functions.

The camera incorporates the versatile IP/Serial/Web control system and IP-Live Preview pioneered in Panasonic’s AW-HE60, HE130, and HE40 series cameras. IP, RS-422, RS-232C in/out interfaces are included, and a built-in Web-server enables both browser control and IP-live preview and setup from PCs, Macs and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android and Toughpad devices. RS-422 Serial or IP control is available using Panasonic’s AW-RP50N, AW-RP120G controllers, AK-HRP200G paintbox and the AW-HEA10 system, as well as appropriately programmed systems from Crestron, AMX, Winnov, and other manufacturers.

The UE70 includes many powerful features that expand the capabilities of professional video system users. In addition to Panasonic’s Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) and advanced Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), an ingenious High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode helps produce very good video even in extreme contrast and lighting conditions. For shooting in virtually total darkness, the UE70’s Night Mode makes it possible to automatically switch to the capture of high-quality, HD monochrome video with the use of an (optional) IR illuminator in the 850nm range, making the camera ideal for reality show production, sleep lab research and staging support.

A Freeze-During-Preset function can be enabled to store and display a video still-frame during preset recall and camera movement to improve the viewer experience during rapid on-air moves or in single camera use. With POE+, full IP remote control, and IP-live preview, the UE70 affords simpler integration, easier remote production and engineering, and lower cost for multiple location systems. Multi-view monitoring of up to 16 cameras in a single Browser window is available (in M-JPEG mode only).

The UE70 incorporates a highly-accurate pan-tilt head (with a pan of +-175degrees and a tilt of -30degrees to 90degrees) that offers precise, fast, fluid movement in all directions, enabling the capture of both slow and fast-moving objects without excessive vibration and bounce. In addition to 4K 2160/29.97p/25p, the camera delivers many international HD signal formats including: 1080/59.94p/50p, 1080/59.94i/50i, 1080/29.97p/25p, 1080/29.97PsF/25PsF and 720/59.94p/50p.

Other key features include direct color temperature adjustment, three-step gamma correction, and seven-step chroma level adjustment for exceptional creative control. Up to 100 pre-set memories for rapid and precise shot recall, an electronic shutter with synchro scan, and built-in tally light for remote studio use are also provided. The camera’s included ceiling mount attaches with a simple turn-lock mounting mechanism to facilitate quick and easy installation. The UE70 series cameras can also be used with Panasonic’s cost-effective optional outdoor housings.

4K and HD output
1300 lines of H-Res (4K) for sharp, clear video
Optical Image Stabilization for steadier shots
4K and HD Streaming for event capture and remote production
4K and HD H.264 Recording on microSD card, with FTP functions
4K and HD USB-class video for collaborative application
Both HDMI (4K/HD) and 3G-SDI (1080/60p) Outputs
PoE+ for Simpler, Less Expensive Installation
Choice of White (AW-UE70WPJ) and Black (AW-UE70KPJ) models
Embedded Stereo Audio (switchable Mic/Line)
Fast (F1.8) 20X optical 4K zoom with new 1.5X digital extender

Outdoor camera systems incorporating AW-UE70 cameras.
These new weatherproof (IP66) systems, are ideal for sports, weather-cams and other remote production applications. These new systems offer several advantages over existing HE60-based systems, including 20X optical zoom, Gen Lock, OIS, ND Filter and 15% higher horizontal resolution. On the other hand, the HE60-based systems are still recommended for deployments that require HD analog output or SD output.
A wide range of models are now available – from systems with an AW-UE70 camera in an enclosure with a heater/blower, to a system with an AW-UE70 camera and fiber optic transceivers and active cooling.

UE70 Outdoor System w/Heater and Teradek Cube HD/H.264 streaming encoder
UE70 Outdoor System w/Heater and HDSDI and/or HDMI output
UE70 Outdoor System w/Heater and Fiber Transceivers (HD only) for Video and Control
UE70 Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and Teradek Cube HD/H.264 streaming codec
UE70 Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and/or HD-SDI or HDMI Output
UE70 Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and Fiber Transceivers(HD only) for Video and Control

Teradek Cube or AW-UE70 Internal Encoder?
For streaming applications, you can also use the H.264 encoder that is standard function of AW-UE70. Whether you choose to AW-UE70 internal Streaming or the Teradek Cube255 included with the D2-HBMVP570-1 and D2-CD12V70-1 depends on your streaming requirements. For example, the AW-UE70 has a maximum transmission rate of 24Mbps with HD or even 65Mbps with UHD/30P and supports H.264 RTSP; while the Cube 255 has a maximum rate of 10 Mbps in HD, but supports other protocols not currently available with the AW-UE70.