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Panasonic AW-HN40PJ

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Full HD Remote Camera with Built-in Network Device Interface (NDI I HX) Support

Available Models

AWHN40HKPJ (Black): 30x Zoom, 1/2.8 Single MOS Sensor, HDMI Output, NDI

AWHN40HWPJ (White): 30x Zoom, 1/2.8 Single MOS Sensor, HDMI Output, NDI

(Also available isthe new AW-HN38PJ. To make NDI more accessible to customers of all kinds, Panasonic has decided to introduce an entry-level PTZ camera model with the same quality and functionality as the higher end Pro-PTZ camera models. Here is a comparison of the AW-HE/HN38 with the existing AW-HE40.)

Purchase an AWHN40HKPJ (Black): 30x Zoom, 1/2.8 Single MOS Sensor, HDMI Output, NDI or AWHN40HWPJ (White): 30x Zoom, 1/2.8 Single MOS Sensor, HDMI Output, NDI and Receive a $300 Rebate Expires December 31, 2019

What is NDI?

In July 2017, Panasonic announced in conjunction with NewTek’s launch of NDI 3.0 (Network Device Interface), that the AW Pro-PTZ Camera series will be expanding to include built-in support for NDI. NDI is a truly revolutionary and simple internet of things approach to media over IP allowing plug-n-play connectivity in a professional environment with the same ease and simplicity of connecting an HDMI or HD-SDI cable, but with the power of the network. NDI 3.0 brings a new high efficiency mode termed NDI|HX which allows cameras and hardware devices to enter the NDI domain.

What does Out of the Box Support for NDI|HX mean?

All models starting with AW-HN or AW-UN mean that when you receive the camera, the camera will be NDI|HX capable and ready to connect and deploy on an NDI network, no additional cost, or setup required. Furthermore, these models will be easily distinguishable with an NDI|HX logo on the camera body and above the network LAN connector.

What does Upgradeable to NDI|HX mean?

All current AW-HE40/UE70/HE130 will be upgradeable to support NDI|HX. This will require a firmware update and a paid activation to unlock the NDI|HX capability available the url: Once new firmware is loaded, existing AW-HE or AW-UE models will have the same NDI|HX functionality of an AW-HN or AW-UN series camera.

Why choose a Panasonic NDI Capable Camera?

Panasonic professional integrated PTZ is the most complete line-up combining economy and broadcast quality and feature-set. The Pro-PTZ line-up allows true remote production that can move fluidly like a man-operated camera and deliver a similar if not better experience. Together with quality, precision, and advanced IP interfacing now with NDI, there’s no other place to go for quality NDI camera products.