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Panasonic AW-HE40

Call for price

Compact-PTZ Cameras Feature 30X Zoom and POE+

Panasonic is very proud to introduce the new AW-HE40 line-up of compact, high-resolution pan-tilt cameras, offering a new level of cost-effective performance. These new, single-MOS sensor models add such solidly useful features as a 30X optical zoom lens, Power Over Ethernet+, embeded audio, IP-Live Preview, and 1000 lines of horizontal resolution.

AW-HE40HKPJ (black) and AW-HE40HWPJ (white) HDMI cameras

Purchase an AW-HE40 Series (HDMI) AW-HE40HKPJ9, AW-HE40HWPJ9 and Receive a $300 Rebate Expires December 31, 2019

Starting Dec. 23, 2015, new camera firmware v1.32 will be available publicly on the Panasonic PASS website integrating AW-SFU01 functionality (Activation will no longer be required):
Please note the AW-SFU01 the features below that are now included standard for free:
? Direct In-camera HD Streaming Video/Audio Output – MPEG4 up to 1080/60p at 28Mbps
? USB-class Video/Audio – for a Super Webcam with 30X zoom and pan/tilt
? In-camera HD Recording on micro-SD card – production-quality MPEG-4 w/ FTP and streaming
? Eligible models: New, first inventory units of AW-HE40SKPJ,

We are pleased to announce the introduction of outdoor camera systems incorporating our new AW-HE40 cameras. These new weatherproof (IP66) systems are ideal for sports, weather-cams, and other remote production applications. These new systems offer several advantages over our existing HE60-based systems, including 30X optical zoom, lower cost and 15% higher horizontal resolution. On the other hand, the HE60-based systems are still recommended for deployments that require Genlock, HD analog output, or SD output.
A wide range of models are now available – from systems with an HE40H camera in an enclosure with a heater/blower, to a system with an HE40S camera and fiber optic transceivers and active cooling.

D2HBMVP540-1: HE40H Outdoor System w/Heater and Teradek Cube H.264 streaming encoder
D2HBMVP540-2: HE40S Outdoor System w/Heater and HDSDI output
D2HBMVP540-3: HE40S Outdoor System w/Heater and Fiber Transceivers for Video and Control
D2HBMVP540-4: HE40H Outdoor System w/Heater and HDMI output
D2CD12V40-1: HE40H Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and Teradek Cube H.264 streaming codec
D2CD12V40-2: HE40S Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and HD-SDI Output
D2CD12V40-3: HE40S Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and Fiber for Video and Control
D2CD12V40-4: HE40H Outdoor System w/Active Cooling and HDMI output

POE+ for Simpler, Less Expensive Installation
1000 lines of H-Res and 50 dB SN for great video
Choice of HD-SDI (40S) and HDMI (40H) models
Choice of Black or White models
Embedded Audio from switchable Mic/Line Stereo Audio Input
IP-Live Preview for easy set-up, control, and management
Multi-axis Color Correction and DRS for creative control
Night Mode delivers Near-IR shooting for Staging and Production
Optional Upgrade (available 7/15) to add HD streaming, USB Video, In-camera Recording

The AW-HE40’s have the same base mounting dimensions as the HE60’s, and will work with the FEC-50WM’s and other HE50/60 series mounting accessories. Use of the HE40’s with older AW-RP50, AW-RP120 and AK-HRP-200 will require a free upgrade to the latest version of controller software.