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Panasonic AU-XPD3

Call for price

expressP2 Memory Card Drive

The AU-XPD3 is the industry’s fastest offload device. It utilizes Thunderbolt3, which is twice as fast as Thunderbolt2 and eight times the speed of USB3. The AU-XPD3 can download a 512G expressP2 card (200 minutes worth of AVC-Intra 4K 422 @24p) in just seven minutes. Up to six AU-XPD3 units can be daisy-chained for simultaneous high speed offloading.


Highest speeds using expressP2 B-series cards. Also supports expressP2 A-series, legacy P2, andmicroP2 (using AJ-P2AD1G adapter).

Single AU-XPD3 offers 10Gpbs throughput.

Two AU-XPD3 drives daisy-chained offers 17.6Gbps throughput.

With optimized computer / network configuration:

– One AU-XPD3 can download a 512G expressP2 card in seven minutes.

– Two daisy-chained AU-XPD3 units can download two 512G cards in eight minutes.

Thunderbolt3 available on latest Windows & MAC computers. Thunderbolt2 adapters are available(bidirectional for MAC, one-way for MAC/WIN). Thunderbolt3 media such as LaCie Bolt3 support theAU-XPD3 high data rates.