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Panasonic AG-VBR89G

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Twice the Capacity, Twice the Recording Time

Twice the capacity, twice the recording time.The new series battery packs offer a larger capacity while remaining as small and lightweight as the previous models. The increased capacity results in about twice the recording time as compared to the previous battery packs (bundled with camera recorders). There are also three models with different capacities. The AG-VBR89G is the middle size model and provides more than three hours of operating time when mounted on the AJ-PX270/230. The AG-VB89G enables the AG-DVX200 to record continuously for almost four hours.About half the charging time.Two slots enable simultaneous charging of two battery packs. Quick-charge for the new series battery packs is possible when the AG-BRD50 battery charger is used, reducing the charging time to about half as compared to the previous model. The AG-BRD50 has two slots for simultaneous charging of two battery packs.Compatible with the previous system.The new series battery packs can be charged using the previous battery charger, the AG-B23.* The new battery charger can be used to charge the previous battery packs, the VW-VBD58, VBD55 (CGA-D54) and VBD29.* This allows flexible operation of your present system.

* Quick-charge is not supported in either case.