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Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-SDI

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HDMI to 3G SDI Mini Converter with Looping Output

The cost effective broadcast quality Ocean Matrix HDMI to SDI Converter accepts HDMI and converts it to 2 (dual) 3G SDI outputs with up to 8-Channels of embedded audio. A quick and seamless solution to add SDI outputs to cameras, DVRs or any HDMI enable device. The OMX-HDMI-SDI can also add SDI to computers or video projectors with HDMI (or DVI via HDMI-DVI adapter).

HDMI to SDI Conversion Wherever You Need It
The compact size of the OMX-HDMI-SDI makes it a perfect solution for camera backs, cable reels in the field, house of worship monitor extensions and more. It features the highest quality video processing for use in just about any post production and Pro-AV application.

All-In-One Converter and SDI Splitter
The OMX-HDMI-SDI delivers two identical SDI outputs for an all-in-one converter and 3G SDI splitter. The creation of two SDI broadcast quality signals from a single HDMI input gives you broader possibilities such as additional monitor and video wall feeds, local camera recording options and in field director visuals.

8-Channels of Embedded Audio
The OMX-HDMI-SDI supports up to 8-Channels of embedded audio. Add a dis-embedder to its secondary output and now you can easily access the SDI audio for output to audio mixers, analog broadcast decks and audio monitors!

Broadcast Quality HDMI to SDI converter
1080p Compatible
Dual SDI Outputs / 3G SDI Splitter
EDID auto detect HDMI Input
Output (Max bit rate: 2.97G/S)
SDI Embedded Audio up to 8-Channels

SDI Output Format: SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI
SDI Compliance: SMPTE-259/274/296/372/424/425/292
SDI Port: BNC x2
SDI Impedance: 75 Ohm
SDI Audio: SDI embedded audio up to 8 channels
SDI Output Resolutions: 480i @ 60Hz; 576i@ 50Hz; 720p @ 50Hz; 720p @ 60Hz; 1080i @ 50Hz; 1080i @ 60Hz; 1080p @ 24/25/30/50/60Hz
HDMI Input Resolutions: 480i @ 60Hz; 576i@ 50Hz; 720p @ 50/60Hz; 1080i @ 50/60Hz; 1080p @ 24/25/30/50/60Hz;
480p @ 60Hz
576p @ 50Hz
720p @ 50/60Hz
1080p @ 50/60Hz
Power In: DC5V/1A
Dimensions: 3.125’L (including BNC) x 5’W x 0.937’H
Operating Temperature: 0’60 C

Standard Accessories
: HDMI to SDI Converter Unit
5.0V AC/DC Switching Power Supply
User Manual