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Call for price

MultiPresenter Stick

Wireless presentation device for up to 12 devices simultaneously. (Win, MAC, Android, iOS) Simple HDMI connectivity enables this device to be used on any projector or display with a HDMI input. (No internet access or WAN required)

Simple device PIN# access for secure connectivity

Screen mirroring for Android and Windows devices

Includes a simple annotation software allowing for user collaboration

Run apps and share files easily

Allows to connect and show up to 8 mobile devices

Multi-OS (Win/MAC/iOS/Android) to support BYOD initiatives

Screen mirroring on Android/Win

Secure connectivity with rolling 4 digit PIN code

Image and file sharing

Direct connection as well as infrastructure integration

Standard Accessories

AC Power adapter

HDMI Extender Cable (200mm/8in)

Free MultiPresenter Sender Apps for iOS, Android, MAC, Win