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Miller CX18 Sprinter II 2 Stage Carbon Fibre

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SKU: CX18 Sprinter II 2 Stage Carbon Fibre

Order Number: 3780

The 3780 CX18 Sprinter II 2-stage (carbon fibre) tripod system combines the 1576 Sprinter II tripod and CX18 fluid head for fast and easy set-ups. Designed for the creative professionals needing a stable, higher capacity solution, it is capable of balancing from a broadcast down to a DSLR camera, thanks to CB PlusTM technology and Miller’s precision fluid drag system.

The CX18 employs CB PlusTM technology providing 16 positions of counterbalance, 5+0 settings of Miller’s fluid pan and tilt drag with 60mm of camera plate travel, enabling you to match your camera configuration to any shot.

The CX18 is matched with the 2-stage Sprinter II (carbon fibre) tripod and mid-level spreader providing speed of set-up and incredible height range all in a light weight carbon fibre system.

Affordable, Stable, Robust.

100mm bowl levelling.

Perfect for payloads to 0-16kg (35.2bs).

15+0 CB Plus selectable counterbalance positions.

Ergonomically located CB Plus switch.

5+0 selectable positions of fluid pan and tilt drag.

High speed independent 2-stage dual leg locks.

Lightweight carbon fibre tubing.

Comes with Mid-level ground spreader and rubber feet.

With 2-stage tripod bag.

3 year warranty.