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Miller CX10 Sprinter II 1 Stage Alloy

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SKU: CX10 Sprinter II 1 Stage Alloy

Order Number: 3752

The 3752 CX10 Sprinter II 1-stage (alloy) tripod system with a robust 100mm ball levelling fluid head designed for users needing the stability that comes with 100mm tripods, cost effectively.

Whether the job requires a mirrorless camera, DSLR, cine-rig or a broadcast camera, the CX10 is capable of balancing from 0kg to 12kg. It features advanced precision fluid drag, fast set-up and professional performance with the flexibility and rigidness of the 1589 alloy Sprinter.

CX10 employs CB PlusTM technology providing 16 positions of counterbalance and 5+0 levels of pan and tilt settings of Miller’s fluid drag with 60mm of camera plate travel, enabling you to easily select the perfect settings to match your configuration for ultimate camera control.

The CX10 is matched with the 1 stage Sprinter II (alloy) tripod and mid-level spreader providing incredible speed of set up, variable tripod footprint and the versatility to set up on all terrain.

Affordable, Stable, Robust.

100mm ball levelling.

Perfect for payloads to 0-12kg (26.4bs).

15+0 CB Plus selectable counterbalance positions.

Ergonomically located CB Plus switch.

5+0 selectable positions of fluid pan and tilt drag.

3-stage rapid leg lock extension.

High speed independent 1-stage dual leg locks.

Durable black anodised alloy tubing.

Comes with mid-level ground spreader and rubber feet.

Comes with 1-stage tripod bag.

3 year warranty.