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Marshall OR-181

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Fully-Featured 18.5′ ORCHID Rack Mount / Desktop Production Monitor

The ORCHID OR-181 was designed as an 18.5′ Master confidence monitor for broadcast control rooms, transfer facilities, and other production control and editing areas. The OR-181 includes a wide variety of production tools used by video professionals including real-time Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram, Audio Level Meter, Audio Phase Monitor and Audio Peak Alarm, along with 3D monitoring and analysis functions.
The OR-181 uses a 1366 x 768 high contrast ratio panel that can display high-quality images from any source or aspect ratio. All OR-181 screens are color matched at the factory and can be auto-adjusted in the field using an optional color probe system (Konica Minolta CA-310 Color Analyzer).
The OR-181 comes standard with two auto-sensing 3G-SDI inputs, along with DVI-I, VGA, and analog inputs. This unit can be used as a portable stand alone monitor equipped with front panel stereo speakers, integrated carrying handle, and desktop stand. An optional rack mount kit with tilt capability is also available.
The OR-181 has 7 user-assignable function keys as well as 4 rotary encoders for simple access to various monitor settings and functions. Analysis functions and measured data graphics are displayed as overlays while original video images remain intact. Additional display options include full screen views of the Waveform, Vectorscope, Audio data, and ‘Quad View’ layouts.
The OR-181 can de-embed and display up to 16 channels of audio using up to sixteen 64-segment tri-color Audio Meters with user-adjustable reference levels. The ALMs also provide numerical indicators of headroom levels and a peak hold function. The Audio Channel Loss warning feature alerts the user with any detected audio errors during monitoring.
Other advanced features include 3D Review, Anaglyph 3D Views, Side-by-Side 3D, False Color Mapping, ClipGuide, Color Peaking Filter, and more.

1366 x 768 display
Waveform Monitor
Color Vectorscope
16CH Audio Level Meters
Tri-Color Tally
3G-SDI Inputs with Active Loop-Through
HD-VGA and DVI-I Inputs
Analog Inputs
3D Review
False Color
Color Peaking Filter
Time Code (VITC/LTC)
User Bit Extraction
Red/Blue/Green/Mono Channel
White Balance
HV Delay
Aspect Setting
Scan Setting
Stereo Speakers

3D Side-by-Side Input

3D Luminance Difference

3D Color Anaglyph View

The built-in waveform monitor (which includes adjustable White and Black clip level indicators) can be displayed in various aspect ratios, positions, and transparency options. The Waveform Monitor not only monitors luminance, but can also warn the user for out-of-range conditions such as overexposure or ‘blacker-than-black’ errors with fully user-adjustable warning limits.

The built-in Vectorscope allows users to monitor color gamut range in real time. It displays in full color and can also be displayed in various sizes, positions, and transparency options. The Vectorscope has adjustable gain from 1x to 5x.

The Clip Guide function operates with both the Waveform display and Monochrome/Color picture display. Both the upper and lower Clip Guide levels are user-adjustable in order to accurately display over-and-under exposures during different shooting conditions. For example, the upper Clip Guide limit may be set to 85 IRE and the lower limit to 10 IRE. With these settings, any exposures over the set limit of 85 IRE will display red on both the Waveform and picture (if selected). The same will be true for blacks under 10 IRE.

It is important that LCD monitors match the color and gamma characteristics of a CRT monitor. To emulate CRT gamma, the non-linear curves are corrected by software algorithms. This process is complicated because the three non-linear colors (RGB) should be corrected simultaneously. The ORCHID gamma correction overcomes this problem and ensures correct matching between panels and channels.

De-embeds and displays up to 16 channels of audio using sixteen 64-segment tri-color Audio Meters with user-adjustable reference levels. The Audio Level Meters provide numerical indicators and headroom levels, as well as peak hold function. Audio Channel Loss Warning prevents errors during monitoring.

Monitor any two channels at once through the front audio output jack or rear line output jack.

7 user-assignable function keys with Rotomenu system.

White balance adjustment is essential in order to render colors correctly. To display colors correctly, gray scale should maintain identical color temperature. The white balance for ORCHID monitors defaults to D65 (6500K) so the user does not need to adjust white balance. LCD monitors have color-matching issues because white balance can be affected by a change in luminance level. Our unique color management system solves this problem.

The ORCHID operating system includes an Automatic White Balance function that allows a ‘One Button’ calibration procedure when used with a Konica Minolta CA-310 color analyzer. All ORCHID Series LCD panels are calibrated at the factory to ensure color conformity between screens.