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Litepanels Lykos Bicolor

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SKU: Lykos Bicolor

Building off the popular ASTRA 1×1 LED design the Lykos Bicolor offers a perfect lighting solution to emerging videographers

Product code MLL1300-BI

Max. power draw (Watts): 23

LYKOS daylight and bi-color are the newest and most powerful in LED lighting technology. Compact in design and lightweight, they offer the best portable solution for the photographer and videographer. LYKOS LED panels include an AC adaptor, ball head and gel filters and/or diffuser. Maximise the potential from the LYKOS LED range and use in combination with the LYKOS LED softbox for superior diffusion. LYKOS LED panels are fully compatible with Manfrotto Digital Director when used with the LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle. Download the iPhone LYKOS App to enable full control of one or more panels in combination with the LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle. Ergonomic.

Premium selected high CRI/TLCI rated surface mounted LEDs

Custom designed optics

Lightweight portable lighting solution

Dedicated on/off power switch

Available in Daylight and tunable Bi-color color temperature models

Smooth dimming from 0-100%

Efficient thermal management

Bluetooth option allows fixture to be controlled via handheld devices when paired with the Litepanels SmartLite app

Multiple powering options DC via Sony L style camera batteries AC via 100-240VAC power supply.

What’s In The Box

Lykos fixture

AC adapter

Gel Diffuser

Ball Head