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MediaZone Pro is an advanced digital signage system that easily manages and schedules compelling media for timely playback using text, graphics, video and animations. Drawing from over 10 years of feedback from thousands of customers using the company’s previous generations of digital signage controllers, Keywest Technology has designed MediaZone Pro to deliver the ultimate in playlist composing, scheduling and management while making it simple to use. MediaZone Pro Editor is compatible with Windows 7 or 8 using an attractive interface and easy-to-use drag-and-drop screen building control that makes managing digital signage content a snap. Simply populate up to five separate on-screen zones with various media like MPEG, QuickTime or Windows Media movies, Adobe Flash Technology, graphic content, Internet web pages, RSS data feeds and crawls, and then save and send as a completed playlist.

Turnkey System or DIY Software
MediaZone Pro is available either as a turnkey solution that includes a media player or as software-only for DIY applications. As a turnkey solution from Keywest Technology, the MediaZone Pro Player software is optimized for and bundled with Windows Embedded Standard 7. Our hardware options range from a small, thin, wall-mount media player (as pictured) to a robust rack-mount design for the most demanding applications. For the do-it-yourself community, MediaZone Pro Player software is also compatible for PCs using Windows 7 OS.

Multi-Zone Media
MediaZone Pro provides many ways to fill your digital signage with useful information from outside sources. Web content, Digital TV, RSS feeds, the choice is yours using our handy desktop editor.

Server Software
Add InfoZone Pro software and utilize helpful admin functions to remotely monitor the system, generate reports and manage a zone locally among other useful features.

Media Supported
MPEG 1, 2, 4
QuickTime (.MOV)
Windows Media (.WMV)
Adobe Flash Technology
Web page content
TV – Video (third-party option)
RSS 2.0
Streaming media (option): RTP, RTSP, UDP

Minimum System Requirement
MediaZone Editor Pro Software: Version 3.x
Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
Intel Atom2 (dual-core) 1.8GHz CPU
1GB on-board video memory
Direct-X 9.0
600MB of available disk space
LAN/WAN connectivity required for digital signage system control
USB for non-network updates
MediaZone Pro Player Software: Version 8.x
Microsoft Windows 7 OS *compatible, Windows Embedded Standard 7 preferred
Intel Atom2 (dual-core) 1.8GHz CPU
256MB on-board video memory
Direct-X 9.0
600MB of available disk space
LAN/WAN connectivity required
USB for non-network updates
(*) Compatibility Note: MediaZone Pro Player software is optimized to run on Windows Embedded Standard 7 and is tested and approved for compatibility.

Microsoft recommends Compatible with Windows 7 applications because they have passed Microsoft-designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 7 including 64 bit. MediaZone Pro is compatible with Windows 7. This means:
Istested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7
Passed Microsoft designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.
Represents a commitment that the product will continue to work over the life of Windows 7.
Meets privacy standards set forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.
Installs cleanly and reliably.
Eliminates unnecessary reboots.
Ensures compatibility with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.
MediaZone Pro is two-part software. MediaZone Editor Pro is open license and works on any Windows 7-based computer that meets the minimum system requirements. It is the content management software for all digital signage composing and scheduling. It has a built-in communication program that transfers media playlists directly to the MediaZone player(s) via FTP on a network.
The second part of the software is called MediaZone Player Pro. It is licensed per seat (CPU) and works on a dedicated player PC that meets the minimum requirements. It should be installed on Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 7 OS.
MediaZone Pro Editor and Player software are compatible with most high-performance PC/CPU platforms. Contact us for recommendations on your specific application, or check out our quality player hardware selection.