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Regardless of the size of your business or which industry you represent, Breeze Digital Signage will benefit your enterprise by increasing operational efficiency and communication effectiveness. Simply login to the
handy Internet editor and control your in-store signage from anywhere, anytime. No special software or training needed. Use Breeze for…
in-store digital marketing, such as branding, promotions and advertising, which is proven to increase sales lift anywhere from 7 to 300%. Of course results vary widely depending on many situational factors, but we’re here to help you formulate the secret sauce that works best for you.
reducing perceived wait times in POS queues and lobbies by providing both entertainment and useful information.
reducing paper waste and printing cost. (Do we really need to explain that?)
improving customer engagement and experience. Digital signage can also be interactive, allowing the customer to drive the information at the point of sale. These kinds of progressive campaigns can tie-in mobile devices, social media, customer loyalty programs and Internet marketing for cross-platform communications with an integrated theme.
day-parting menus, advertising, and promotions to the time of day or the day of the week, which greatly benefits patrons who can use your service the second they see your sign. Recent research has shown the habit of ignoring

What Makes Breeze Digital Signage Better? Breeze has been designed around one simple concept -easy!
Easy on your budget
Easy to purchase
Easy to use
Easy to implement
Easy to upgrade and expand

Are you ready to give your communication effort an invigorating Breeze?
I have a need to communicate with digital signage in simply the easiest, most dynamic and efficient way possible.
My computer can connect to the Internet via broadband Ethernet or WiFi.
My computer can run the latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser without any problems.
I have my own display to use for my digital sign.