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Kanto DMS2000

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SKU: DMS2000

Dual Arm Desktop Monitor Mount

Achieving the perfect desktop setup is about striking a balance between style and functionality. The DMS2000 is designed to do exactly that.

Combining industrial influences with a minimalist design, this dual gas shock monitor mount allows for finger-tip adjustments to be made to the height and orientation of your screens. Raise, tilt, swivel and rotate your monitors on the fly to ensure they’re always in an ideal position. The detachable base provides a seamless connection to your desk, while its easy-to-use clamping mechanism can be secured to any ledge or grommet hole up to 2 inches thick. To ensure a clutter-free setup, the DMS2000 also includes cable management clips to conveniently route your cables.

Screen Size 17? – 32?

Weight Range 3.3 – 16.5 lb (1.5 – 7.5 kg) per arm

Supports VESA 75×75 – 100×100

Extends 23.3? (59.3 cm)


To make installation more manageable, the base of the DMS2000 can be detached from its support arms and secured entirely from the top of your desk.


The two gas shock arms allow for height adjustments to be made with minimal effort. Freely raise or lower your screens to improve line-of-sight and reduce neck strain.


The DMS2000 allows for nearly unlimited viewing positions. With four points of rotation on each arm, you can easily swivel your monitors 360degrees, tilt them 25degrees up and down, and rotate them into portrait or landscape orientation.


Designed for any desk edge or grommet hole up to 2 inches thick, the DMS2000 supports two monitors weighing 3.3 to 16.5 pounds each, with common VESA sizes of 75×75 or 100×100.


To keep your desktop clutter-free, use the provided cable management clips to conveniently route your cables.


Screen Sizes: 17 to 32

Weight Allowance: 3.3 lb (1.5 kg) to 16.5 lb (7.5 kg) per arm

VESA Sizes: 75×75 and 100×100


Height adjustment: 9.5 (24 cm) of fingertip height adjustment

Tilt: +-25degrees

Reach: 23.3 (59.3 cm) depending on screen size and orientation

Monitor Rotation: 360degrees

Integrated cable management


Includes: Assembly manual; All mounting hardware

Material: Aluminum construction with durable painted finish

Warranty: 2 years