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Kanto AVT3

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Wall Mounted AV Shelf

AVT shelves provide an elegant, small footprint solution to organizing your home theater. Mounted to the wall to save space, their modular design gives you the freedom to add as many as needed to carry your PVR, gaming consoles and other A/V devices. Each unit features a tempered glass shelf that is height adjustable and can support up to 20 pounds. A powder coated aluminum cover is also included to hide your cables, while endcaps ensure a clean and refined appearance. Choose between one, two and three-shelf models to accommodate your needs.

Weight Allowance: 20 lb (9.1 kg) per shelf

Shelf size: 16.9 (43 cm) wide and 14.4 (36.6 cm) deep


Featuring tempered black glass and powder coated aluminum, AVT floating shelves provide an elegant solution to organizing your home theater.


Interlocking brackets make it easy to join multiple units together, giving you the freedom to add as many as needed to carry your devices.


Post-installation height adjustments can be made to ensure your devices are exactly where you want them. Position the shelving brackets anywhere along the 10-inch track and secure them in place with the provided wrench.


Mount the wall plate to a single wood stud, concrete wall or drywall, and attach the glass shelf. Each unit also comes with end caps and an aluminum wall plate cover for an exceptionally clean look.


With the aluminum cover in place, cables can be kept out of sight by routing them along the wall plate. Openings in the end caps and along the sides of the wall plate ensure your cables line-up directly with your devices.

Includes: Installation manual; Assembly hardware

Warranty: 5 years

Material: Solid aluminum with tempered black glass shelves