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The perfect streaming addition for any JVC IP camcorder! The ProHD Dockable Bridge (SFM-CAM2) is a powerful bonded cellular hotspot that docks directly to your 800 series camcorder and features Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology that allows you to reliably stream to any destination on the internet. And even while docked to a single camera, this unit provides the power and connectivity that lets you stream from multiple cameras to HD-SDI decoders or servers at a central location. It’s provided with dual cellular modems with redundant SIM slots and dual band Wi-fi letting you to use up to four different providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots. And the unit’s Wi-fi-First feature can bond to local or public hotspots to save on data costs.

In addition to live streaming, it functions as a secure hotspot for connecting computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet or to your enterprise LAN with a secure VPN.

When used with IP capable JVC ProHD, PTZ, and 4KCAM cameras, you now have not only streaming, but full remote camera control and IFB audio on select models. The Bridge snaps onto JVC’s GY-HC900, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890U cameras between the battery and camera head, and plugs into the USB port. Connect undocked to other IP cameras using Wi-Fi, USB or ethernet. Then, turn it on and watch the viewfinder status for the streaming indication. You’re on the air!

The ProHD Dockable Bridge is available in 2 versions, the SFM-CAM2-AB (Anton-Bauer battery) or SFM-CAM2-VM (V-mount battery). Batteries are not included.

Main Features:

Robust bonded LTE-Advanced connection for multiple streaming cameras, encoders and decoders*

Global LTE coverage for worldwide operation

Wi-Fi-First feature bonds to local or public hotspots when available to reduce cellular data charges

Docks directly to JVC’s GY-HC900 and 800 series camcorders. Use detached for other IP camera models.

Totally self contained-no modems strapped on

Versions for Anton-Bauer battery or V-mount battery (battery & charger optional)

Dual embedded cellular and redundant SIM slots

Accepts SIMs from Verizon, T-Mobile, A.T.& T. and Sprint

Aggregates up to four network links (Cell x2, plus Wi-Fi or ethernet)*

Internal MIMO high efficiency antennas

Wi-Fi connection for multiple IP cameras and devices (number of streaming cameras depends on available bandwidth)

Webcasting HW/SW devices via LAN or Wi-Fi

Stream live video to JVCVIDEOCLOUD, Facebook, YouTube or any other CDN

Powerful internet hotspot for computers, smart devices

Two RJ-45 connectors for wired LAN connections.

Extends enterprise LAN into the field with a secure VPN

GPS receiver provides location to central server

Full command console control of all of your cameras and remote cellular bridges

Economical cellular data packages available from JVC

FirstNet version available

All ProHD Bridge products are FCC/CE certified and comply with RF exposure absorption (SAR) safety standards.

*Requires optional aggregating router such as the BPL-210 or BPL-380 at facility (or in cloud.)