Call for price


Call for price


JVC is pleased to announce a $300 End User Rebate Promotion being provided instantly when purchasing a new GYHM250SCOREBOT camcorder/interface unit package. Expires March 31, 2019

This is the new GYHM250SCOREBOT Sports Production System. It’s an all-inclusive package* that captures and streams real-time scoreboard information. It combines the GYHM250SP Sports Production Camcorder featuring its unique Sports Overlay Capability with the Sportzcast Scorebot4100 Scoreboard Interface Unit. The GYHM250SCOREBOT provides a complete end-to-end sporting event coverage system with user-personalized team name and logo. The Scorebot enables real-time scores and game sequence information updates directly from the scoreboard to the GYHM250SP, providing the ideal game viewing and delivery experience!

This combination of the GYHM250SP and Scorebot is already being used by commercial and institutional customers nationwide for recording and live streaming of games and tournaments. Integration into an existing IP infrastructure is very easy. Simply obtain a generic USB-to-Ethernet adapter and insert it to the GYHM250SP host USB connector. The Scorebot has an integrated Ethernet connection. Once the camera is connected to the internet, you can also access the integrated wireless remote capabilities of the GYHM250SP with a smart device (iPad, etc.) for full imaging and operation control as well.

*Optional network adapter required. Score overlays are not available in 4K Ultra HD recording mode.