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ikan HM-110

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SKU: HM-110

Professional Modular Condenser Interviewing Microphone (E-Image)

When used with other components from E-Image, the HM-110 microphone head can be easily interchanged with different polar pattern and different sensitivity capsules, microphone bodies, mini amplifier, and adapters in different use cases. The is suitable in many situations like conference, speech, vocal recordings and interviews. The HM-110 is equipped with a Built-in Shock-Proof structure capsules.

Modular Design makes easier to faster equipped with different function capsules and accessories

Equipped with Built-in shock-proof technique new structure capsules

Interchangeable with cardioid, hyper cardioid, and Omni capsules

In the Box

1x HM-110 Shotgun microphone

1x 5/8-3/8 base connector

1x Windshield cover

1x Hard Case