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ikan EG06A2

Call for price

GA752 – 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod w/GH06 head (E-Image)

The EG06A2 Two Stage Aluminum Tripod System is designed and built for professional videographers and cinematographers who want real quality at an affordable price.
The system delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction and all the features required for professional performance.
The EG06A2’s features includes the E-Image Mono-Lock leg design and the Easy Lock base plate system delivering fast, reliable performance that rises above competitors in its price range and class.
The Kit supports a payload weighing up to 13 pounds. The GA752 tripod is made of lightweight aluminum, has a 75mm bowl, and the legs are a twin tube design with two stages. The Mono-Lock feature allows for quick height adjustments of both stages with one twist. The EG06A2 extends to a maximum height of 72 and a minimum height of 32.25. An adjustable mid-level spreader provides extra security and stability.
The GH06 head has a 0-3-stepped Tilt drag system and a 0-5 stepped counterbalance system providing maximum adjustability for differently configured payloads of up to 13 pounds. A professional fluid pan with stepped settings of 0-3 provides further adjustability to meet every shooting contingency. The head incorporates a bubble level, and a 1/4-20 threaded mounting point. A padded carry bag with shoulder and backpack straps is included with the kit.

Supports 13lbs 6kg
Easy Lock Baseplate
75mm ball level feature
2 Stage Leg Design with Mono-Lock
Height Range 32.25′ to 72′
0-3 Drag Adjustment Settings
0-5 Counter Balance Settings
1/4′- 20 Threaded Accessory Socket for Monitor Arm
Separate Pan/Tilt Locks
Mid-Level Adjustable Spreader
Spirit Level
Heavy Duty Padded Bag with Shoulder Strap

Standard Accessories
F3 Rubber Feet
GA752 Aluminum Tripod Legs
GB1 Tripod Pan Tilt Handle
GH06 Head
GS01 Mid-level Spreader
SC1 Tripod Bag