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ikan C-2KIT-98

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SKU: C-2KIT-98

Pro Battery Kit with Two 98Wh Batteries and Dual Charger

The C-2KIT-98 is a battery kit that includes a dual pro battery charger and 2 98Wh pro batteries. The batteries are safe to take onto airplanes and can sustain a 12A continuous draw. This means that multiple pieces of equipment can be run simultaneously via P-Tap splitters or power distros, or that high-amperage equipment (up to 12A) can be used off of a single battery. The charger has a 16.8V 2.6A 4-pin XLR power output and charges at 15V 4A. LED indicators display charge progress, and the unit can be converted from a charger to power supply or powered down with the flip of a switch. Two batteries can charge simultaneously on this charger.


Two batteries included in kit

Available in Gold-Mount and V-Mount Styles

98Wh batteries with 12A continuous draw power a wide array of equipment simultaneously

Batteries safe for air travel

Charger has 16.8V 2.6A 4-pin XLR output

Charges two batteries simultaneously

LED indicators on charger for charge status

What’s Included

1x 4-Pin XLR Power Cable1x C-2K Dual Pro Battery Charger1x Power Cable For Charger2x IB-HDL98 Pro Batteries