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IDX IA-300a

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210W AC Adaptor Power Supply

The IA-300a is a 210W AC adaptor with three XLR output channels. The combination of reliable operation and a compact space saving design gives the IA-300a the competitive edge, especially when used on location or in the production studio. Even with its rugged metal enclosure the IA-300a weighs only 4.4 lbs., and yet provides flexibility and versatility for multiple applications.

The IA-300a is primarily used to power portable ENG cameras, but is also a proven power source for a wide range of camera lights, portable monitors and other broadcast equipment. It also offers complete peace of mind in terms of safety, with automatic overload protection just one of the safety features integral to the IA-300a.

210W AC Adaptor Power Supply

210W 13.8V DC output via 3 x 4-pin XLR connector.
3 x XLR outputs will draw 210W in combination from one, two or three output channels. A maximum of 10A is available from one channel.
The IA-300a weighs just 4.4 lbs., in an all-purpose rugged metal enclosure. An integrated carrying handle is provided for easy transport.
Internal safety features protect the IA-300a from overload damage should an excessive load be drawn. It does this by automatically shutting down to recover. The IA-300a PSU also produces ‘low ripple noise’ to reduce the chances of signal interference with nearby devices.
Adjustable output voltage from 13.5V to 16.5V.
Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.
Optional CA4XLR 4-pin power supply connector cable.

Input: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 400VA
DC Output: 210W max., 13.8V: Adjustable: 13.5V – 16.5V
DC Output Connector: 4-pin XLR connector
Dimensions: 4.92(W) x 2.95(H) x 9.65(D) inches
Weight: 4.41 lbs. approx.