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Hall Research EMX-HD-AUD

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HDMI Audio Extractor w/ EDID Mgmt

This versatile device can be used to extract the audio from HDMI, extend HDMI cable length, manage EDID (pass-thru or emulate), and re-clock both TMDS video and DDC data. The use of EMX-HD-AUD can often resolve system level HDMI signal-chain issues by acting as an intelligent intermediary.

The EMX-HD-AUD is powered from the HDMI source input and no additional power supply connection is needed for most applications. A USB power supply is included and may be used in case the HDMI source has limited power.

Use the EMX-HD-AUD wherever you want to diagnose or resolve HDMI issues. It can fix problems caused by incompatibility of components in the video signal chain, signal degradation due to long cables, or issues related to EDID.

Multi-color LED’s on the unit indicate the mode of operation with regards to EDID routing, and also provide real-time status on the HDMI signal’s video and audio. The audio outputs include stereo analog on a 3.5mm jack, Digital audio (2 or multi-channel SPDIF) on optical TOSLINK connector, and of course the audio that is embedded in the HDMI output stream. Each of the audio outputs can be independently muted. For example, you can remove the audio from the HDMI output. This would be desirable in many applications if the connected TV’s audio were causing annoying echo due to processing delay.

The EMX-HD-AUD constructs an EDID table (capabilities list) for the connected source. This table either is copied verbatim from the connected display (sink) when in pass-thru mode, or substitutes an internal EDID data from on board memory. The internal EDID data can be learned from any connected display by using the buttons on the box, or uploaded to it from a PC via the USB port. Most importantly, the device maintains HDCP compliance regardless of the EDID routing mode, so HDCP protected content pass through the system with protection intact even when EDID is being emulated from internal memory.

The EMX-HD-AUD is HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 (deep-color and 3D) compatible, and automatically compensates for the signal degradation caused by long video cable runs of up to 50 ft (15 m) on its input and can drive HDMI cables on its output to 30 ft (10 m). The EMX-HD-AUD supports all audio formats in HDMI including 2 channel uncompressed PCM, as well as multi-channel compressed formats such as Dolby and DTS. However, the analog output on the unit only functions when the audio is 2 channel PCM. If the audio format is multi-channel, then the analog output is muted, but the TOSLINK digital output has the extracted audio. The audio LED’s on the top of the box blinks MULTI or 2CH to indicate what it is receiving.

If you need to ‘down-mix’ the multi-channel digital output of the EMX-HD-AUD into 2 channel analog, Hall Research offers the model DAC-51.

The package includes a universal power supply and a USB cable for connection to a PC. Free Windows PC software is available on the product’s website that allows reading, saving, manipulating, and writing EDID tables to and from the unit. The software can also be used to control the operational modes and provides diagnostic tools such as indication of the HDMI input signal’s video and audio characteristics.

Extracts both analog and digital audio
Pass-through EDID or Learn and emulate custom files
Powered from HDMI input (100 mA req’d) or external power supply (included)
Re-clocks HDMI and buffers DDC (resolves EDID and HDCP issues)
Surge protects HDMI input and output
Supports DVI, HDMI, CEC, Deep-Color & 3D Video
LED indicators for Mode and HDMI Video/Audio status
Extract audio with or without a display
Can mute the L/R or TOS audio outputs independently
Can remove the audio from the HDMI output signal