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4K(QFHD) Monitoring Down Converter

The MV-42HSA enhanced functionality of FOR-A’s MV-42HS HD/SD multi viewer. In addition to HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog composite inputs, the unit newly supports 3G-SDI (Level A) inputs and 4-input split-screen displays. The MV-42HSA is perfect for use as a down-converter that monitors 4K footage on an HD or PC monitor.

As a 4K (QFHD) monitoring converter
Outputting QFHD (3G-SDI x 4) as HD-SDI and DVI-D (1920x 1080i or 1280 x 720p) allows signal monitoring on an HD or PC monitor
Able to undisplay each window frame. QFHD inputs can be displayed seamlessly.
One of four signal inputs can be displayed full-screen, allowing you to examine the footage on a dot-by-dot basis

Supports mixed 3G-SDI (Level A), HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal input (Mixed and asynchronous input supported)
Supports mixed analog composite input (MV-42AI)
Outputs high-definition HD-SDI and DVI-D (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) images
Video loss detection
Full screen, 2-split (right, left), and quad screen output selectable
Audio level metering for 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedded audio signals (Up to 8-channel display)
Displays ancillary time code (ATC) embedded on 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signals
Max. 16-character title displays for each input (alphanumeric and symbols)
Supports genlock input, color selectable (red, green) tally indicator display, LAN remote control, and date/time display (with MV-42IF)
-RS-232C/LAN interface remote control and/or title settings
-RS-232C/LAN/GPI tally-input frame displays for individual channels
-Remote control and tally inputs via GPI
-Date/time display
-Genlock for external sync signal and HD-SDI/DVI-D output