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FOR-A IP-920 (Fujitsu)

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Real-Time High Fidelity Video Content Transmission

IP-920 is a Video Transmission Equipment adopted highly efficient video encoding technology, H.264 to perform live transmission of high fidelity SDTV and HDTV at low bit-rates. IP-920 supports balanced analog audio for professional legacy equipment users.

IP-920E: Encoder
IP-920E/DC: Encoder
IP-920D: Decoder

Best-in-Class Video Fidelity
Applying the latest MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) compression tools and image processing algorithms, it provides best-in-class video fidelity. High Profile @ Level 4 encoding provides high video fidelity for use over enterprise network.

Compact, Light and Half Width
Compact (1RU and 210mmW) and rugged construction enable you to use in remote sites which is demanded SDTV and HDTV video fidelity.

Support Balanced Analog Audio
IP-920E supports balanced audio interface instead of unbalanced audio IP-900 supported. XLR-3 connector is used for legacy analog, audio equipment for broadcast can be connected via attached conversion cable.

Low Latency
IP-920 has Low Latency Mode as one of settings and has implemented less than 400ms with H.264 IP transmission among Encoder/Decoder.

Ultra Low Latency
In addition to Low Latency mode, Ultra Low Latency mode as a new option of IP-920 is enabled less than 99ms with H.264 IP transmission among Encoders/Decoders.

NIT (Carrier ID)
Video can be smoothly transmitted using Carrier ID and NIT over Satellite Network. This feature is suitable for global video transmission among plural countries.

Multiple Interfaces
– NTSC/PAL (Video Input/ Output)
– 10Base-T / 100Base-TX
– Balanced analog audio

Robust error Correction (FEC/ARQ)
Assembles Fujitsu Proprietary FEC (Forward Error Correction) /ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) proven at existing Fujitsu IP series equipment and Pro-MPEG FEC of industry-standard, this offers powerful network error correction.

Ancillary Features
– Dual encoder (2 types of bit rate encoding)
– Superimpose (text and time)
– RS-232C (pass-thru)
– NIT (Carrier ID)