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Delvcam DELV-DSLR-7L

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Camera-Top 7-Inch LCD Looping HDMI Monitor for DSLRs

The Delvcam DELV-DSLR-7L is a high resolution, super bright camera-top & DSLR 7′ LCD Portable HDMI Monitor packed with features typically found only in monitors 3-times the price. The DELV-DSLR-7L delivers with an HDMI Loop-Thru Input and the option to power via 12V DC or camcorder battery making it a convenient choice for the most demanding productions.

Broadcast ReadyThe DELV-DSLR-7L includes a snap-on sun shade hood for easy viewing in field and outside broadcast production when critical monitoring is required. It quickly removes when not needed.

Complete Image Control
A unique feature of the DELV-DSLR-7L is a front panel 5DII function for DSLR ratio adjustment. This allows scaling video that does not fit completely the monitor screen when connected via HDMI in Record Mode on selected Canon DSLR cameras. It also allows you to remove black pillar bars with a wide range of options. It has one touch front panel Peaking, Exposure, False Colors and Histogram functions. All functions can be customized as well from these defaults to: Aspect Ratio, Color Bar, Underscan, H/V Delay, Freeze Input, Center Marker or Screen Marker.

Pixel to Pixel
Equipped with pixel-to-pixel mode, the Field / Camera-Top LCD Monitor displays images in their native resolution by avoiding the internal scaling function. With aspect ratio settings, you can precisely monitor different aspect ratios in Full Screen, 16:9, and 4:3 modes.

Convenient, Anywhere Mounting
The DELV-DSLR-7L also offers 1/4-20 mounting holes on three sides (Left, Right, Bottom) for convenient, anywhere mounting. The package also includes a hot-shoe swivel mount adapter and VESA 75×75 rear mount holes for even more positioning options.

Dual Power Mode
The DELV-DSLR-7L includes a simple dual mode 12V / Battery rear mounted power switch. A Sony type F970 battery mounting plate is included and other battery mounting plates are also available for Panasonic, Hitachi and Sony type camcorder batteries.

12V DC or Battery Power
Canon DSLR Ratio Adjustment
Pixel-to-Pixel Mode
3.5mm Headphone Monitoring Jack
1/4-20 Mounts on Three Sides (Left, Right, Bottom)
Variety of User-Adjustable Markers
False Color On/Off and Filter On/Off
Exposure and Histogram Functions

Standard Accessories
DELV-DSLR-7L 7 Inch Monitor
Flexible Folding Sun Shade Hood
Swiveling Shoe Mount with 1/4-20 Top
Battery Plate F970
DC Adapter
Operation Manual