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Cartoni Focus 22 SDS Carb

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Focus 22 Fluid Head assembled with 1 handle, 2 stages carbon fiber ENG Tripod Smart Stop SDS, Smart Lock mid-level Spreader and rubber feet. This System includes a soft bag.

Products Included

Focus 22The new FOCUS 22 is specifically designed to support the wide variety of new ENG cameras, so compact yet so fully accessorized, featuring the patented CARTONI wing continuously adjustable counterbalance.With its broad range of payloads – 3 kg (6.5 lbs) to 22 kg (48.5 lbs) – The 22 aims to become the ideal partner for all news gathering and outdoor shooting jobs.Rugged but easy to operate the new Fluid Head has all the ergonomic settings at the right place. Fluid drag in both pan and tilt feature the distinctive renowned CARTONI patented infinitely adjustable labyrinth system.Positive locks, wide range sliding platform incorporating the European style quick release plate, a switchable illuminated spitit level completes the operating specs.FOCUS 22, weighs only 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs) thanks to the extensive use of extremely lightweight magnesium alloys.The 22 interfaces with all 100 mm bowl base tripods.

Tripod Smart Stop 2 st. Carb.This ENG lightweight tripod is specially designed for fast setup. In just 3 moves of the patented Smart-Stop lever you can adjust the double stage legs in a moment and yet rely on a positive clamp at any desired operative height.Smart-Stop double stage tripod features 100 mm bowl base in aluminium or carbon fiber tubing

Smart Lock Spreader (SDS)The CARTONI SDS Smart Deployment Series SMART LOCK mid-level spreader, featuring a patented CARTONI no-bind mechanism for quick spread and collapse capability, is a built-in spreader with a unique 2 stage deployment concept.Made of high performance composite, the SMART LOCK weights only 460 gr (1 lbs).A side button on each arm releases the 2 sections, while the same retract by simply pushing them in.The spreader fits to any CARTONI DV and ENG tripod with a quick release hook.The practical strap fixed to the center ring of the spreader and to the tripod base speeds the folding of the system by one single move.

Hooking tripods rubber feetHooking tripods rubber feet for DSLR/UHD, ENG and EFP Tripods (3 pieces)

Soft Bag 2 stagesLight soft bag for DSLR/UHD and ENG Systems (2 stages only)