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Broadcast Pix Granite

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Large-scale Integrated Production Switchers


GR-DT : Granite with 11 SDI inputs and 6 SDI outputs

GX-DT: Granite X with 22 SDI inputs, 12 SDI outputs, Quad monitor support, 2ndexternal key

Exceptionally powerful and reliable, Broadcast Pix Granite is the large-scale integrated production switcher built for the most demanding productions environments, from sports to broadcasting and other large venues.

Choose from the widest range of control panels to fit any environment such as the large panel shown above to more compact models as shown at the right. Fail-safe Granite systems seamlessly integrate with an entire studio of production tools and devices to provide users with unrivaled integration and unmatched operator control. Granite systems are completely configurable and customizable – ready for any production or show. They enable anyone to easy to create, control and deliver high-end live video for broadcast or stream.

The Granite series

Up to 22 multi-def SDI inputs + 2 external key cut, 8 channels of clips & graphics, and 12 multi-def SDI outputs + 2 DVI outputs

8 built-in media channels: 2 Clips , 2 Animations , 2 CG titles and 2 stills

6 key layers with 4 DVEs and Virtual Studios with ClearKey chromakeyer

Full-featured 2 M/E control, with familiar panel layout for program/preview and keying

Built in CG graphics system

BPNet cloud inputs, outputs, sharing and management

BPView customizable multi-view monitoring – up to 4 monitors

Commander Interface option enables easy control by non-technical operators

Patented low latency technology, great for projection in live events on up to 3 different screens

Mission critical redundancy: redundant PSUs, fail-over IP