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Anton/Bauer QR-DSLR

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Anton/Bauer Part Number: 8375-0156

Now you can use your Anton/Bauer power system for your DSLR cameras! Whether you’re using the Gold Mount System Logic Series or the ElipZ 10K battery system, Anton/Bauer has developed an all-in-one power solution for the professional accessories that surround the camera offering ultimate flexibility for any application.
The QR-DSLR Gold Mount provides 7.2V power to the camera via the Canon DR-E6 Coupler*, and 14.4V power via the PowerTap for accessories such as the on-camera Ultralight 2, on-board monitors, and external hard drives. Wear it as a pouch pack, or attach it to a third party shoulder support systems. Used with a shoulder support system, Anton/Bauer batteries offer an excellent counter balance. Logic Series Batteries RealTime LCD indicates remaining run-time for all items being powered
*The DR-E6 DC Coupler is sold separately as a Canon Part Number.

**If attaching to the Redrock Micro-system cheese plate, you may need one back plate (P/N 5115-0405) and four screws (P/N 6120-5522) available from Anton/Bauer.