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  • Amplivox SW223A

Amplivox SW223A

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 Audience Size  up to 1000 people
 Product Dimensions  11" H x 14" W x 5" D
 Product Weight
 4 lbs. without batteries, 8 lbs. with batteries 
 Rated Power Output  50 watts @ 4 ohms
 Frequency Response   50 - 20K Hz 
 Wireless Receiver   584-608 MHz
 Wireless Range   300 feet
 Speaker   (1) 6" x 8" Jensen design speaker 
 Warranty   6 years electronics 


Never Run Out of Power Guarantee

10 D-Cell alkaline batteries for up to 200 hours talk time

S1460 - International AC Adapter / Recharger

Automatically senses and adjusts for AC 110 to 240 volts 50 or 60 Hz. This unit powers the amplifier directly or recharges the optional S1465 NiCad Battery Pack when installed in the amplifier. 

For use outside North America the world-standard IEC 3-pin socket accepts a locally obtained AC power cord with compatible wall plug. 15-volt center positive 2 amps 71/2 ft cord. For all AmpliVox 50 watt multimedia amp sound systems

S1465 - NiCaD Battery Pack 

Heavy duty rechargeable NiCad power pack for all AmpliVox 50 watt multimedia amp equipped sound systems, up to 20 hours talk time on a single charge. 

Requires S1460 AC Adapter/Recharger which recharges the power pack without having to remove it from the amplifier. 

Battery Specs: NiCad / 12V / 4.5 Ah / 4500 mAh / 54 Wh


Wireless Audio Portable Buddy with Headset and Lapel Mics

Bluetooth Audio Portable Buddy

A complete presentation system built into a rugged, compact carrying case. Powerful 50 Watt multimedia stereo amp, reach up to 1,000 people outdoors or in rooms up to 10,000 square feet. 

Bluetooth wireless technology, stream audio wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth® enabled device. 

A proven "Road Warrior", specially tooled and molded plastic briefcase-style enclosure for exceptional durability and portability. Travels and sets up so easily. 

Dual wireless option, accomodate multiple presenters. By adding a second Wireless Mic Kit (sold separately) two presenters can be wireless simultaneously with the freedom to roam within a 300 ft. radius. 

Powered by 10 D-cell batteries for up to 200 hours of talk time or choose optional rechargeable NiCad battery pack (requires S1460). 

 50 Watt multimedia stereo amplifier

 Includes built-in 16-channel UHF wireless receiver

 Wireless handheld mic with built-in transmitter

 Stream audio from any Bluetooth® equipped smartphone or tablet

 Built-in 6" x 8" Jensen design speaker

 Three microphone inputs (dynamic, condenser, wireless)

 Line out - connect to other audio devices for enhanced playback or recording

 Weatherproof and scuff-resistant molded black luggage-type plastic case holds up to abuse and protects amplifier.

 Case contains sturdy foam shell for storing microphone and accessories

 Runs up to 200 hours with 10 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included), or use the optional rechargeable AmpliVox S1465 NiCad battery pack with S1460 AC adapter/recharger

 Dual wireless capability: two presenters can be wireless (with second optional wireless mic kit - sold separately)

What's in the Box

 SW223A Wireless Audio Portable Buddy

 50 Watt multimedia stereo amplifier

 Built-in Bluetooth®

 Built-in 16-channel UHF wireless receiver

 Wireless Handheld microphone with built-in transmitter